September 2019

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Global Collaboration and SDGs, oh my!

We are ready for another exciting year! Many of you have begun your 2019-2020 school year and we look forward to seeing the amazing things you are doing in your classrooms! We want to share your global collaboration story with the world! Sign up to take over our Instagram account @ISTEGLobalPLN and don't forget to check out what are amazing members have already posted!

Get Connected

Global Collaboration Week (September 23-27, 2019)

During this week, experienced global educators and other professionals will host connective projects and events; GlobalEd Events will invite public participation by posting events to their website and sending promotional emails to the community. The goals of this week are to demonstrate the power of global connectivity in classrooms, schools, institutions of informal learning and universities around the world, and to introduce others to the tools, resources, and projects that are available to global educators today.
Global Collaboration Week

This is a step-by-step guide in how to participate in the Global Collaboration Week. Join the fun!

#DigCitSummit for #DigCitWeek in October

#DigCitSummit in partnership with #EduMatch during #DigCitWeek October 14-18th. Each day we will connect classrooms to learn together. On October 16, 2019, all of the offerings will be in Spanish.

This summit will...

-Share #DigCitIMPACT talks
-Host #TweetAndTalk panels with @edu_matchRegistration

You can find out more about classroom connections: https://youtu.be/28G0r6rZ4c0

Want to learn more about #DigCitIMPACT talks? Look no further: https://youtu.be/xiESZVZnt-4

#DigCitSummit for #DigCitWeek

Register and find out more information here!

Global Collaboration Conference in November

The Global Education Conference (GEC) is a collaborative and world-wide community convening designed to significantly increase opportunities for globally-connecting educators and programs. Our primary event seeks to present ideas, examples, and projects related to connecting educators and classrooms with a strong emphasis on promoting global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real-world problems. Through this conference and associated events, attendees will challenge themselves and others to become more active citizens of the world. Participants are encouraged to learn, question, create, and engage in meaningful, authentic opportunities within a global context.

The conference is November 18-20, 2019. You can register for the conference and apply to present here: https://www.globaleducationconference.org/page/2019conference

Global Conferences Galore!

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Global Collabroation Summit :: Jennifer Williams
There are several global conferences in August and September, and you can join them in person or online. Check out the full list by clicking on the button below.
Global Conferences

Check out the list of global conferences for August and September!

Teachmeets around Asia

For more information on Teachmeets around Asia, click on this link.

Global Projects

Plant-Ed - part of the Third Climate Change Project

The Climate Action Project

How can we reduce the amount of plastic being consumed by turtles SDG#14 PBL Challenge

Scratch Pals - Scratch and Makey Makey and Global Collaboration

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TeachSDG's and The Goals Project

If you haven't already signed the pledge to TeachSDGs sign the pledge on teachsdgs.org! Join our friend @JenWilliamsEDU on The Goals Project. Learn more at https://www.goalsproject.org/ get yourself and your students involved in making our world a better place to live by 2030!

#ISTEGlobalPLN Webinars

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Making the world brighter through global collaboration

October 17 Click on this link to register and find your timezone from this link

Tracey Winey and John Howe of Engineering Brightness, will share how light poverty can be eradicated, that students can engineer solutions which can be implemented today, and how design thinking applies to global impacts.

September webinar recording

Did you miss our September webinar? Check it out here: Link to the recording for the PLN Kickoff Webinar from September

ISTE PLN Breakfast 2019 Philadelphia

Tracey Winey was the recipient of the ISTE Global Collaboration PLN award. The photo below shows some of the leadership team for ISTE Global PLN, ISTE leaders and Tracy Winey.
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#ISTEGlobalPLN Wakelet

Follow and learn along the way!

ISTE Connect-join the conversation through your ISTE account

Commons is where it is at--and after everything #ISTE19, chat with others and find new connections.

In case you missed it, Lauren Kocher, of ISTE, created this video that walks you through Connects. Make sure you are harnessing the power of connections!

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