Poe - Biographical Critique

The Tell-Tale Heart

1. Death

Death was a major connection between Poe and his short story. His mother died when he was two years old, Mrs. Allan ( his adopted mother) died when he was 20, John Allen ( his adopted father) died leaving Poe nothing at age 25, and his wife dies from tuberculosis when he was just 38 years old.

2. Going Mad; Losing Minds

The narrator was going mad from the sound of the old man's heart beat. When Poe was found on October 3, 1849, he was delirious, in tattered clothes and worn out shoes; some say he was drunk, others say he had lost his mind.
Go Mad!

Press this button to watch to The Tell-Tale Heart and go mad along with Edgar Allen Poe during this short film.

3. Torture

The old man was tortured-- even without him knowing it-- by the narrator. As well as the narrator being tortured by the old man's evil eye and his dead, beating heart. Edgar Allen Poe was a tortured poet. Most of his loved ones died before he had lived half his life. His adopted parent's didn't help him pay for schooling so he was forced to drop out. They didn't even leave Poe anything in their-- The Allen's-- will.

4. Isolation

Poe's narrator had quite the isolated mind. He seemed to drown in his thoughts. I believe the same might have happened to Poe. Especially after his wife-cousin died. She was the last bit of family Poe really had left.

5. Haunting

The narrator was being "haunted" by the old man's evil eye. I believe that Poe was being "haunted" by his past as well. I believe that he fell into a more dark, gothic theme because his life wasn't necessarily easy in the beginning. At a young age he lost his parents, he had to drop out of school because his adopted parents wouldn't help pay, his adoptive parents also died; all these lead up to the years he wrote The Tell Tale Heart.