Baking Up a New Career

By: Samantha McCool


There are many important things to consider when choosing baking as a career choice. Here are a few thoughts you should think about before making it your career choice: education, salary, and job responsibilities,


It takes up to 3 years to get your culinary degree depending on what your specialize in. You can specialize in cakes or pastry arts. If you want to open your own business, it's helpful to get a business degree.

Making Dough

The average salary of a baker is $24,062. Starting out, most bakers make a minimum of $18,000. Experienced bakers can make up to $49,000.


The responsibilities of a good baker are to ensure that you create a tasty and beautiful creation. The hours can be very long and strenuous, but rewarding. If you own your business, you need to manage your business and employees in addition to baking.

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