ERES PROUD Headlines...

January 23, 2015

Few thoughts from the principal...

The first semester is over, and it's hard to believe. It has been the best semester ever because of our Eagle Ridge PROUD program. We have spent our time recognizing those students, who make great choices, and make our school better. We have seen a huge decrease in the number of discipline issues and much more learning happening in the classroom. I want to thank the teachers and administrators for making this a success but especially our team of teachers and administrators, who gave up many days of their summer to attend training in Houston and then planning ERES PROUD for us. They are Michelle Bradanini, Kimberly Tritten, Angie Lucas, Janie Huff, Melissa Womack, Christina Jones, and Mr. Stamm. We were excited to get it put together and now watch it work. We trust you have seen a difference too.

We have a friendly request...we understand after your child has been home sick (strep, flu, etc.), there are times that playing outside after they return is not good for him/her. Know that when you request he/she stay inside, we are happy to accommodate. But also know that when you do this, it takes a teacher off of the playground and there are less available teachers to monitor the others outside.

If your child has not been sick at home but has the sniffles, please try not to ask for them to stay inside unless you feel it's a very serious concern for him/her. Send him/her to school with adequate clothing so that he/she can go outside. This allows us to offer the best monitoring of all children on the playground.

The district also has a regulation that students must be appropriately dressed to go outside on cool/cold weather days. If your child is not covered completely, (long pants, coat, jacket, etc.) he/she may not go outside. Again we lose a recess monitor because someone must monitor the child(ren) inside.

Even though we share these requests, we do want to do what's best for your child. We will gladly oblige your requests. Thank you for understanding the big picture of ERES.

Tardy to school

Because of the very high numbers of tardy students, I must remind you of the necessity of having your child(ren) to school on time. Not only are they missing our fun morning announcements; an opportunity to learn, but interrupting the learning of everyone else in his/her classroom. When your child walks in the classroom, the teacher must stop what she/he is doing to get him or her caught up. Please help us offer the best educational experience for all of our students by having your child arrive on time. Thank you!
It's KISD Film Festival time...

Sure hope we have some of our students and teachers participate this year!! Click above for information about it. Just received this from the district... • This is the seventh year of the Film Festival, and we are currently accepting online entires

Sale of bond information from KISD

Sale of Voter Approved Bonds 2014

During the spring and summer of 2014, while KISD was planning for the bond election, they were projecting an interest rate of 5% to be paid during the amortization of the new bonds.

Due to a market imbalance as well as strong demand in January, KISD received $500 Million in orders for our offering of $154 Million. That strong demand pushes down interest rates.

Interest Expense to the District

Originally planned 5% = $176 Million

December Board Mtg. 4.4% = $160 Million

Actual Jan 6, 2015 3.488% = $125 Million

KISD is pleased to report that our interest expense over the life of our bonds has gone down from an estimated $176 Million to $125 Million – a savings to the District of $51 Million over the life of the bonds. Great news for us and our KIDS!

Friendly reminders...

  • Turning right out of the front parking lot at arrival and dismissal times - this helps empty the parking lots quicker.
  • Please respect the crossing guard and crossing zones by following the laws. These people are here to help keep our students safe.
  • Using your cell phone while driving in front of or driving on school property is against the law. Please stay off of your phone for our students' safety sake. Thanks!

Upcoming opportunities...

Jan 30 - Report cards will be sent home

Feb 2-6 - National Counselor's Week

Feb 9-12 - Kindness Grams sold by StuCo (1 canned good per gram)

Feb 9-13 - Book Fair (ERES library)

Feb 11 - Area Spelling Bee (NWISD)

Feb 13 - Valentine's Parties (students and teachers only)

Feb 16 - School Holiday (bad weather make-up day)

Feb 19 - CEIC meeting @ 3:20 (conference room)

Feb 24 - 1st grade choir program @ 5:30 and 6:30

Feb 26 - Lockdown drill practice

March 3 - 4th grade theater arts program @ 5:30 and 6:30

March 5 - ERES Open House @ 6:00

March 6 - Early Release @ 12:00

Lost and Found items

Please check the lost and found (cafeteria) for your child's lost items.