All About Honduras!

By: Blake Sammons

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About Honduras!

The country of Honduras has about 8.098 million people in population since 2013 and is located in the Central Americas. As you may have saw, the flag is consisted of two blue stripes at the top and bottom, and a white strip with 5 stars. The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa and two other major cities are La Ceiba, where most activities are held and El Progreso which is the city that is making the fastest progress!

Religious and Ethnic groups of Honduras!

Many people from Honduras are members of the Catholic Church. Catholicism is the strongest Religion in all of Honduras. Today Evangelism is a new Religion that is popping up in Honduras that is gaining strength and is mainly seen in the younger groups of Hondurans.
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Honduran Government!

The type of government that Honduras has is a Democratic Constitutional Republic. They are just like us by voting for a president who serves 1, 4-year term. The the president chooses his own 18 governors who then run administrative departments in each area of Honduras. Many of the people in Honduras are full agricultural meaning they rely on farming to live and to help others live. These people then import their foods to bring in a big percentage of the countries funds. The current president of Honduras is Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado. The three vice presidents are Ricardo Alvarez, Rosanna Guevara, and Lorena Herrera.
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Events That Helped Shape Honduras!

1) Christopher Columbus didn't only just "discover" America, he also "discovered" Honduras.

2) Part of Honduras sits on the second largest coral reef in the World.

3) The 5 stars on the flag, with the middle star representing Honduras, are other countries of Central America because Honduras is the only country to touch 4 other countries of Central America.

4) Most of the Hondurans live in sub-poverty levels of living.

5) Many Hondurans are descendants from British pirates so it is completely normal to find Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Hondurans.


Honduras Country Profile

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