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Brazils Resources and Economy

Brazil produces its own food. It also exports Oranges, Bananas, Wheat, Soybeans and lots of others. They also get a lot of their resources from Brazil's coast. Minerals such as Gold, Nickel, Tin and more. Brazil is also the number one producer of coffee.


In Brazil their was many major wars. One really big war was "world war 1". On October 26,1917, Brazil entered its first world war. As a major player in the Atlantic Market , Brazil an immense country occupying nearly one half of the entire South America. Threatened by Germany's policy. This war started because of a letter stating clearly to justify to go to war wit Germany

Brazil's Culture

Some Holidays that Brazil celebrates that we do are Easter and Children's day. They celebrate the same way that you might. On Easter the kids get candy and presents, And on Childrens day they get gifts from their parents. They Do celebrate one other holiday, That's carnival. On carnival their is bright lights and parades.

Brazil's Geography

Brazil has many beautiful land forms. they have grasslands in the Western and North East. Spectacular high lands in the interior, which helps Brazil get resources and minerals such as food or water.
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