Invention Contest

By Shamim Mohammadi

PrIzEs!! YaY!!

First place prize is a free ice cream cone from Stewarts! Any flavor of your choice!  Second place prize is 10 tiger awards! Third place prize is 5 tiger awards! Have fun and think bright!

ImPoRtAnT iNfO aBoUt ThE cOnTeSt!!

Hey!! Welcome fellow inventors! This paragraph will give you some information about the contest. You must make either a mini model of your invention or write a detailed short essay about it. All entries must be handed in to Mrs.Gendron by the end of the month. You can not copy off someone elses invention. Your invention must work if it is a mini model. Heres a message to the inventors who will make a mini model- If your first mini model doesnt work, try, try, again! You will succeed eventually! The list of prizes are listed above. May the best inventor win! And remember, you must have fun. Bye!