JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Week Ending Friday 20th September 2013

What have we done this week?

It was lovely seeing so many parents at the information evening. We hope we answered all of your questions about the great Year One year ahead.

Year One have had a busy week this week and you'll find more details about it below.


In Literacy the children continued to carry out activities based around ‘The Jolly Postman’. They used the role-play area to write messages to the Postman. In other lessons the children wrote words based on the Jolly Postman. They also matched words to pictures. They used finger puppets to act out different Jolly Postman characters.

Whilst reading The Jolly Postman the children started to talk about the different characters. The children also made their own finger puppets based on the book’s characters.

In handwriting the children completed the ‘one armed robot family’, these are the letters r, n, m, h, p, k and b. In each lesson the classes did a number of fine and gross motor warms up before starting to complete the letters in their handwriting books. The children also used these letters in their second handwriting lesson where they tried to perfect the shape and aimed for a more compact size which sat on the line.


In Mental Maths we answered questions using the words ‘in-between, more than, less than before and after’. In Numeracy lessons the children printed their footprint with blue paint. The next day when the paint was dry the children measured the length of their footprint using cubes. If the children have time this weekend they could try and measure other objects in their house (books, shoes, chairs and so forth) with non-standard units such as Lego cubes or paper clips.


In art three enormous postcards came to the classrooms. The Giant (from Jack and the Beanstalk and The Jolly Postman) had been on holiday and the children read his holiday messages. The classes then started to make their own postcard designs with a beach, a snowy mountain or a city scene. These postcards will be completed using collage materials over the next few weeks.


In I.C.T. the children worked with their teacher and Mr. McNeil on identifying some of the buttons on a keyboard such as the space bar, the return button, the backspace button, the arrow keys and the shift button. Ask the children to identify these buttons on your keypads at home.


In 'fine motor skills' the classes moved around a range of different activities in the classrooms. They used construction to make small houses, coloured in different house shapes and also used scissors to accurately cut road shapes for their Jolly Postman display.

For P.S.H.E. the children saw that a bag of groceries had been delivered to the classroom. The children sorted the food in the bag into ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ items.


By Wednesday 25th September please can the children bring into school a photo of themselves with their family. It could be the family they live with here in The Netherlands or their extended family such as cousins, grandparents and so forth. No bigger than A4 please

They also need to bring into school three photos of themselves, one when they were a baby, one when they were a toddler and one as they are now. No bigger than A5 please.

All of the photographs will be used by the children in their Science lessons. The photos will be used in class and will not be returned. We also may use these photographs as part of a display so please don’t send any originals into school. All photographs should be passed onto the Year One staff. Many thanks for your assistance.

Our Topic Overview

Term 1:1 When I grow up

Term 1:2 Where in the world?

Term 2:1 We are TV chefs

Term 2:2 Toy Story

Term 3:1 We are personal trainers

Term 3:2 Who lives in a house like this?