January 4, 2016

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It's that time of year when we reflect on areas that we need to improve on and refine. During the holiday season and all the events and crazy schedules, we got relaxed with certain priorities such as being timely and professional. As we officially respond to the data from the MOY tests and start moving into testing season, we MUST get our students back on the right track and mindset -- and that starts off with us remembering our expectations. For a strong percentage of our kids, WE are the BEST role models.

PROCEDURES & EXPECTATIONS - Please review/refine your classroom procedures with your class. Review expectations and your discipline policy.

COMMUNITY BUILDING - This is a KEY TIME to start the semester off with a strong team building activity. Please connect with your kids!! Relationships lead to SUCCESS!! Kids don't perform for teachers they think don't care about them!


Morning duties -- begin at 7:20 AM

Reporting in the morning -- 7:45 AM

Start of School duty - hallway and doorway duty for ALL staff -- 7:50 AM

As stated on page 17 in our staff handbook, "When you have a special duty – morning, dismissal, recess, etc. – make sure you are on time and that you stay until your duty is completed. If you are late to your scheduled duty time, especially in the morning, you are considered late for work and students will be considered left unsupervised OR under-supervised. If you are going to be absent or out of the building during your schedule duty, you are responsible for arranging someone else to cover your area. Violations to these expectations are subject to professional memos added to your file.

DRESS -- We will be having more district personnel supporting staff on our campus in response to the recent data, so it is of utmost importance for us to get back on track with our dress policy. Jeans may be worn on Mondays with a college shirt and on Fridays with a ACE spirit shirt, as well as when a Jeans Pass has been SUBMITTED to Carlene or Rachel. When using a jeans pass, please make sure your shirt or blouse is polished (no t-shirts or sweatshirts). Uniform day will continue on Wednesdays. Ladies -- please note that LEGGINGS are NOT pants. They should not be worn with regular shirts or blouses. Leggings may be worn with long blouses or dresses that are at the appropriate length for professional dresses. This is our WORK place - dress respectfully and remember your students are watching.

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES - Before break, we received a lot of feedback from STAFF AND STUDENTS that our dismissal procedures, especially in the hallways, got too lax and generally too dangerous. Please review and refine your procedures with your students. Please do not SEND students into the hallways or SEND students down the hallways without proper supervision. Any incidents that occur during dismissal time will be investigated, starting with if proper supervision was provided.


Thank you so much for your participation and contribution in designing our campus VISION for differentiation. We hope you found it valuable to re-connect and engage in dialogue with your fellow colleagues about a topic that significantly impacts instruction.

Again, if you would be interested in being a part of our writing team for drafting our vision, please send an email to Rachel and Mike. It would be duly noted as a leadership initiative.


Tutoring will resume next week, January 11 and 12th. Permission slips will be distributed Tuesday for you to send home.


The library schedule will return to normal! Hallelujah!


Report cards are to be sent home in Tuesday folders this week.


Don't forget to turn in a copy of your unit tests with answer keys to Rachel and Mike.


Staff, we do not want to micro-manage however our usage of the printer ink in the lab is depleting faster than we can afford. A print cartridge costs $160 each, and we have used up 3 cartridges in 3 weeks. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE refrain from printing off class sets of anything. We are aware of a few grade levels who are doing so. Using your copy counts is the more affordable method - and if you're worried about running out of copies, please see Mike or Rachel, we will find ways to accommodate your copies. It is more affordable to accommodate copies than it is to purchase print cartridges.


Classroom teachers, while we have definitely increased our efficiency at taking attendance (thank you!), we cannot stress enough how important it is to report attendance on time (before 9:30) and to report attendance accurately. Again, daily attendance rates impact our funding, and it also obviously has an impact on our truancy procedures -- which can lead to some logistical nightmares from an operational standpoint.

For example: A family of three students arrive late to school at 10 AM. Teacher One, who took attendance earlier, emails the SDS to have the attendance record adjusted from Absent to Late; Teacher Two, who had not taken attendance yet, records the second sibling as Present; and Teacher Three, who took attendance earlier, does nothing to adjust the record from Absent to Late. So we have one family with a late student, a present student, and an absent student. Discrepancies like this cause our student services/truancy department to investigate, which leads to individual teacher's attendance records to be audited.

You can avoid future problems by making sure you have consistent and efficient procedures to take attendance no later than 9:30, and have hard records of when students are present, absent, or late. The state holds you accountable each time you sign the attendance verification sheet at the end of a grading period. The attendance procedures and records that teachers utilize have proven beneficial during teacher attendance audits.


All classroom teachers should have received a set of 6 headphones that students may utilize with their iPads when using IStation. We want to thank our PTA for generously purchasing the headphones for us! As they are a donation, teachers, please put expectations in place on how the headphones should be cared for, as once they are not working or broken, they will not be able to be replaced.

It's officially the MOY (Middle of the Year), so ISIP will progress monitor the students when they access IStation first this month, so keep this in mind when your students get back up. At least 30 min uninterrupted time is best.


There is a district soccer league that is open and free for 2nd & 3rd grade students. A few buildings have teams organized and depending on participation, games would begin mid-end of February. If you would be interested in sponsoring a team for Audelia Creek, please let Rachel know, and she can send you the information. The sponsorship can also be a shared role.


Please check your records. There are a handful of students who have been referred to the office 3+ times with no Student Concerns Committee meeting scheduled. Teachers are responsible for initiating the process, and this applies to special area teachers as well. SCC forms can be found in the office or from the counselor.

As stated in our staff handbook (page 14):

After three office referrals in a four week period, the student is referred to a Student Concerns Committee (SCC) meeting to make a plan for success. The teacher should complete an SCC slip from the office and submit to the counselor who will make arrangements for the meeting.

Student Concern Committee (SCC): When a student earns his/her third office referral for behavioral issues, a Student Concern Committee meeting is held. This meeting includes the parent, student, teacher, counselor, administrator, and possibly the liaison. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss student behavioral concerns, review current behavior plans, and set new goals, expectations, and timelines. At times, an individual student behavior plan will be developed with goals to improve behavior and an alternative plan for disciplinary action if the behavior persists.


If you have had a substitute in your classroom or for a fellow teammate that you thought highly of, please help us build our Substitute List by submitting that sub's name to Carlene so that she can add to our priority list.


Anyone is welcome to submit entries to our weekly staff newsletter. Please email any submission requests to Carlene by the Thursday before publishing.

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Don't forget that Subcast/Subfinder is no longer active! For any substitute needs, you must utilize the AESOP system online. If you have any questions or issues, please see Carlene.

Remember, being proactive is key -- this is cold and flu season, thus if you think there is a chance you will not be at work the next day, submit your sub request as soon as possible to increase your chances of it being filled. Also, please remember that personal days should be requested and approved by an administrator at least 5 days ahead. When requesting a personal day, you MUST have a sub lined up. Carlene has a list of frequent approved subs that have worked well in our ACE setting. Administration has the right to not approve personal days in the best interest of our school.

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*Amy Sebastian, Sarah Dye, Annissa Clayton, Carlla Holt, Marie Reed, Jennifer Blanton, Sarah Howery, Trevor Williams, Lisa Hames, Sherri Harris, Jessica Gonzalez, Jameson Caten, Sheridan Hanson, and Joy Tribble -- for your work and contribution to our staff development day. Your time and efforts are indicative of your dedication to our purpose!

*Polly Schwartz -- For your extra assistance with the prep and take down of our staff development!

*Sarah Dye, Jennifer Blanton, Annissa Clayton, Marie Reed, Jessica Gowdy, Amanda Gonzalez, Claudia Wontor, and Ann Kamper - For your assistance in our search for quality team members to join our ACE family. It was very time-consuming but very important, and we had great results! Thank you for your extra time and efforts! It was worth it!


January 4-8

Wontor - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

Baker - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Caten - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Rivera - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Benavides - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

DeLamont- Expedite Food Line

Afternoon Duty: Holt (cones- stand by front cones @ 2:45 to let daycare buses and vans through); D. Williams and Sebastian (daycare)

January 11-15

E.Williams - Student Entrance @ 7:20 (Stop students to breakfast at 7:50-Give stop sign to last student.)

A.Williams - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Wimberly - Gym - Reading Corral @ 7:20 - Release students one grade level at a time at 7:50

Cafe -- 2 teachers monitoring cafeteria, 1 teacher in food line

Tribble - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Jacob - Cafeteria @ 7:20 - monitoring students - release tables at 7:50 one at a time

Huey - Expedite Food Line

Afternoon Duty: Sebastian (cones- stand by front cones @ 2:45 to let daycare buses and vans through); Gandy and Woodruff (daycare)


  • January 4 - Staff Development Day
  • January 5 - Students return; Report cards go home with students; Start of GP 4
  • January 7 - GLIMS/Staff Meeting
  • January 11 - Tutoring resumes
  • January 14 - GLIMS
  • January 18 - MLK DAY - No Students/No Staff
  • January 21 - GLIMS/Staff Meeting
  • January 26 -- 4th grade SIM (Writing)
  • January 28 - GLIMS
  • February 2 -- 5th grade SIM (Math)
  • February 3 -- 5th grade SIM (Reading)
  • February 15 -- Staff Development Day - No Students
  • February 15 -- TELPAS Writing Collection begins