Welcome to Buxton!

Watch out for the slave catchers!

Welcome to Buxton, Canada: Land of the free!

Welcome to Buxton! You are now in Buxton in the year of 1860 as a free being. Not as a mistreated, hardworking slave. You are now free! Here in Buxton you are now, surrounded by wildlife, fair people, and woods. We have a pond where I go rock fishing for supper, a stable where we keep all our horses, and homes. Comfortable homes for the free, just like you.


The Right Reverend Deacon Doctor Zephariah Connerly the Third, or The Preacher, was a bad, bad man. He WAS wanted for stealing the money Mr.Leroy trusted him with in order to free his family back in America. Of course we found him, but he was already hanged and dead by some paddy rollers by the time we discovered him. We never knew what happened to that money. What a bad, bad man he was.

Commonly Used Words

  • gunn = going
  • et = eat
  • betwixt = between
  • yon = yonder
  • writ' = write
  • chile = child
  • paddy rollers= slave cathers

The Schoolhouse

This schoolhouse is run by Mr.Travis. He can sometimes be really mean, but he does it for the better. Once my best friend Cooter got a good spankin'. This schoolhouse is also where we do all our educatin', not the beating, although it can sometimes be done. . Once my best friend Cooter got a good spankin'. We also have tests and quizzes once in a while. BLAH! It's boring, but it's for the better! Some of the older folks here can't read or write because they weren't educated when they was a slave, so that's why we have to do our educating.

What To Do In Order to Please Mr.Travis

  • Do good in school
  • Say educated things
  • Don't say foolish things
  • Don't disrespect him or other people

Also, to get on his good side you have to try. Don't give up! If you do, you'll get a good spankin' or ear twistin'. Just ask my friend Cooter. He learned the hard way.

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell weighs five hundred pounds, and it come all the way from Pittsburgh in America. There are words that are carved into it that states, "PRESENTED TO REVEREND KING BY THE COLORED INHABITANTS OF PITTSBURGH FOR THE ACADEMY AT RALEIGH CANADA WEST. LET FREEDOM RING!" The ringing of the Liberty Bell is our welcoming tradition to people like you, coming from America in search of freedom. We ring the bell 20 times for each person. The first 10 times it is rung is to ring out their old lives, and the last 10 times it is rung is to ring in their new lives.

Buxton Welcoming Party

Sunday, Sep. 23rd 1860 at 6:30pm

South Buxton, ON, Canada

South Buxton, ON

Come to the Buxton Welcoming Party and get to know the free fellow citizens of Buxton.

How to Act in Buxton

  • Don't act disrespectful to your elders
  • Don't say anything that would offend anybody, especially your elders
  • Don't go against your folks' orders
  • Do your part: chores, work, etc.

Do Your Part

In Buxton, you might be free, but you also have to do your part. For example, I take Old Flapjack out to the pond and go rock fishing for my folks. I also have to clean the stables and collect mail for Buxton. Mr.Leroy once was in charge of cuttin' logs for fire wood and such, and he did a great job at it, he would be swingin' and makin' music all day long. But that of course was done when he was alive.