Oil Spills

Demi & Max

Main issues of oil spills

Many plants and animals suffer or are killed within a short time of an oil spill happenning. Alot of money is used cleaning the oil out of the oceans and finding different technology that can clean up the spills.

Negative effects on the environment

When an oil stick from an oil spill reches the coast line it clings onto every rock and grain of sand. The oil washes into the coastal marshes. Many plants and animals absorb the oil which can damage the plants and make the whole area unsuitable for wildlife habitat.

Affected area by oil spill

The Gulf of Mexico oil is semi-volatile which means it can evaporate into the human breathing zone. Oil contains toxics that can irritate the skin and can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea. Many of these chemicals have been linked to cancer and others are at high risk. Our area could also be affected if the oil reached our coast.

Wilflife Affected

Every kind of marine animal in the Gulf of Mexico from dolphins to sea brids are effected by and oil spill. When sea mammals surface to breathe oily waters can cover their blow holes and enter their lungs. Oil can also get into the animals eyes potentionally causing damage to their eyes.

What causes oil spills

Many times the pipeline or ship takes serious damage or has a mechanical failure. They can also be caused by natural seepage. As tectonic plates shift oil can be released from reserved trapped deep beneath the ocean floor.

Oil spill solutions

There are many ways to clean oil spills such as oil filter booms that capture floating oil, or an oil blanket which absorb the oil spills before they reach the land. Spill fence which protects shorelines and other environments


You can use sponge sticks to absorb the oil, clean up boats that sit next to the oil rigs, move oil by train or plane.