Roman Empire

By: Amy Thomas


I researched the Roman Empire. My first topic is "Rome the City of 7 Hills". I learned where the hills are located. Next is my 2nd topic which is "The Punic Wars". I learned how long the wars lasted. Then my last topic is " The Struggles Between Roman Empire". I learned what the rich were doing to the poor. In the next three paragraphs you will learn about the Roman Empire.

Rome the City of 7 Hills

The first thing i learned about was Rome the City of 7 hills is located on a coastal plain. The coastal plain south of the Tiber was known as a Latium. They are located on the left bank of the Tiber River. The river is low and shallow where the hills are by the river. Latin Merchants built villages. In addition The Latin Merchants traded with the wealthy Etruscans.

The Punic Wars

Next I learned that the Punic Wars were very bad to witness. The Punic wars began in 264 B.C. There were two punic wars. The second one is called the Hannibal. The first war only lasted two years. The war of Hannibal went from 220 to 200 B.C. Rome is now a nation of soldiers because of the wars.

Struggles Between the Rich and Poor

Struggles between the rich and poor were very difficult. The wealthy people were raising the taxes on the poor people. Rome is now the leader of Italian people. The soil is becoming poor in Rome. Toward the end of the eighth centry the Guals swarmed into Po Valley.


I learned alot about the Roman Empire. I learned that the Gauls swarmed into the Po Valley. In addition i learned that the wealthy people were raising taxes on the poor people. Also thay the second Pinic War was called the Hannibal war, and lasted from 220 to 200 B.C. I hope you learned somthing like I did.


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