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Monday, May 10, 2021

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Teacher Appreciation Week winds down on campus. How can you tell by lookin' that a teacher is going to be your fave? Thank You, to the PTSA for remembering our staff--- and for the great Jersey Mike's sandwiches! Photo by Leah Ho
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Promotion Picnic Back on Track, by Amanda Bruers

Throughout this school year, 8th-graders were not sure if they were going to get to partake in all the events that the Bert Lynn 8th-grade classes of that past have, such as the promotion dance and a promotion ceremony at West High School.

Fear not and be disappointed no longer, because the traditional Promotion Week is back in the planning stages.

PTSA president, Monique Muller said, “We do not have any set plans yet for the picnic other than it will take place Wednesday, June 9th from 11am-1pm.” She also added that nothing is set in stone but that if what the PTSA is hoping to plan comes to fruition we will have a lot of fun. “We are hoping to be able to have a food truck or boxed lunches, a dj and games, as has been done in previous years, ” she said.

Faith Shortridge, BLMS Class of 2017, is off to UCLA... in case you couldn't figure that out!!

In case you didn't notice, Faith Shortridge, BLMS Class of 2017, is off to UCLA!!

Meet the Bert Lynn PTSA Scholarship Winner, by Leah Ho

We’d like to congratulate Faith Shortridge, West High Class of 2021 and winner of the Bert Lynn PTSA scholarship.

In her time at West High, Faith became a member of the Color guard, where she is now serving as captain, a member of National Honors Society, a California Scholarship Federation tutor, a member of Women of West club, and is very active in a small but mighty Girl Scout troop. Faith has been accepted to UCLA and will join the Bruin family this fall as a freshman majoring in environmental science. UCLA has set a record for receiving the largest number of freshmen applications in its history for the fall of 2021 and became once again the most applied-to university nationwide. Congratulations to Faith, proud BLMS and West High (soon-to-be) Alumnus!

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Standardized Testing Survives COVID, Returns Stronger than Ever, by Nirja Shah

Torrance Unified School District has chosen to use the MAP® Growth™ test from NWEA® to measure what students have learned throughout the 2020-2021 school year. The test will be taken through a computer (either in-person or remotely) this month. 6th-7th- and 8th grade will take both the MAP English Language Arts and Math assessments.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020 and all schools had to transfer to remote learning, students used to be assessed and measured on what they had learned that school year by engaging in online state tests in their classrooms. These online state tests included the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), used to measure students’ understanding of English Language Arts and Mathematics, and the California Science Test (CAST) used to measure students’ understanding of science. But, due to the pandemic, students are going to be assessed remotely, and due to the technical and connectivity requirements to conduct the CAASPP remotely, the California Department of Education has allowed districts to utilize an alternative assessment.

For more information, tools, and resources, you can visit

Band & Choir Update, by Anthony Ge

This year's “ Spring Concert ” will not be held in person but as a video recording. The video will be posted on the Bert Lynn Music Website (below). Both band and choir will be recording their songs this week and they will play a total of 8-9 songs together.

Those who want to listen to the Winter Concert/Recording will find them at (Bert Lynn Music Website)

Due to the lack of instrument covers and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), the beginning band and intermediate band have yet to play in school. Choir, however, does not need equipment and are free to sing to their heart’s desire.

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Mega Monster Battle on Big Screen Long Over-Due, by Nicholas Win, movie critic

The Godzilla VS Kong movie is about two creatures that were living beyond mankind and that still live with mankind. Godzilla and Kong fight to see who would be the king of the monsters. Though Godzilla’s last movie was about him being king of the monsters, we never really saw Kong in that movie. Godzilla VS Kong had many plot twists in it, making the movie confusing in some events. The movie itself played out very well and showed many different points of views in each of the creatures. Godzilla Vs Kong was a very good movie and I recommend that you watch it.