Saturday Salute



11/17, 8am Black History Month Planning (Chelsea's Office)

11/17, Faculty Council (Lounge)

11/19, Extended Site Visit from District Staff

11/19 Construction Team Meeting (Ratto, Miller, Ross)

11/19 PTA General Meeting

11/20 Our Family Coalition Meeting

11/20 Chelsea at Sequoia on Rounds (am only)


Monday Quick Reminders

Network Extended Visit- Rescheduled to Wednesday, 11/19

On Weds. 11/19, Network Leaders from the Central Office will be on site from 8am to 11:30am visiting classrooms, meeting with ILT members and students.

At the end of their visit they will be providing us with strengths, feedback and next steps. I will share the outcomes with staff.

Key Look Fors:

Teaching Points

Elements of Reader's Workshop (leveled libraries, structures, etc.)

Daily Schedule Posted

Teaching & Learning

Math Assessment for End of Unit


The Math C-EOU assessment window will now allow for an additional 2 weeks to score, analyze and scan all exams K-5.

The original testing window closes November 21 and remains in place in that it is expected all testing will be completed by 11/21/14. The new scanning window closes on December 12. Scanning after 12/12/14 will not be collected in district reports.

Please talk to Linda or Celia if you need support or have questions.


DIBELS for K/1 needs to be scanned by 11/21.


Next SST Day will be 12/12.

Please fill out paperwork and turn in ASAP to the SST binder.

Packets are in the office in the Wall of Forms


English Language Arts:

The SRI 2-5/F&P K-5 window closes 11/21/14. Please ensure all assessments are completed and submitted by the deadline.

Attached, please find information and documents to support with accessing SRI data.

SAM Educator Login: http://ousd-read180-es.ousdnet:55880/slms/EducatorAccess

Report Cards

Report Cards are open in ABI

We will be working on a template for comments on 12/3 as well as calibrating grade level grades (what is a 1? what is a 3?)

If you want to work on this before 12/3, you can use your open professional development time this week with your grade level.

I will be emailing you a template that Ms. Smith has found you can modify to use with parents to add F & P Data.

Remember that all parents must be notified of their student's F & P levels, reading levels, math data, etc.

Operations & Logistics

Top Six Reasons to use District ( Email!

1) Tired of receiving work emails during your non-work hours? Using your ousd account will ensure that emails go into your ousd email account and will not go into your personal account so you can keep them separate from your personal life time like your summer, holidays, and then check them when you are "on the clock".

2) If there is ever a legal concern related to a student, your personal emails could be subpoena-ed by the court if you have used them to communicate about a child. By keeping your personal and professional emails separate, you do not ever have to worry about your personal email coming under legal scrutiny.

3) It's district policy!

4) You will receive all updates and notifications re: district-wide issues from the superintendent and the communications department.

5) You can easily access google docs and our school calendar.

6) In 2015-16 school year, we will all make this officially make this transition and share our ousd emails with community on the website, so why not start now?

I will continue to use the personal emails you have provided me to ensure communication, but when you are ready to fully make the professional transition to your ousd email, let me know.

In addition, please email Orsolya Nadasdi <>, to have the link to your email address on the website updated now.

Attendance Reminders

The district loses millions of dollars a year that could go into student support and our salaries because of attendance accounting errors.

In addition, Ms. Brown-Clark is held responsible by district management for attendance reporting. She is routinely audited at the district level and needs our help to make sure those audit findings are not "dings" on her reports.

You will find a notice in your box outlining the required roles and responsibilities of staff for attendance. Please help out by doing your part.

Independent Studies & Special Attendance Circumstances...

Students Moving?

Students traveling?

Students dropping?

Tell Ms. Brown the minute you hear from a family that their attendance may be effected.

Social Emotional Learning & Wellness

PBIS Ticket Challenge Starts this Week

Remember to Catch them Being Good!

The holidays are stressful for adults and children. It is particularly hard for families that are struggling. Please remember to keep routines in place, allow time for students to move, and to support student needs with positive interactions this time of year.

Bike to School Data, 11/18

On 11/18, Ms. Kaye will come by your room to collect data on Bike to School Day from students. This is given to the county Bike to School coordinator which helps to provide support and funding for county wide Bike to School programming.

Wellness Policy v. Bake sales?

The district wellness policy asks us not to sell unhealthy food choices as part of our fundraising plan.

Our fifth grade students have organized their own bake sale by cooking their own products, making signs, and advertising. They made over $200 for the science camp trip on Friday.

So basically our student voice and student leadership intentions are stepping on our district wellness policy. I will be working with the students to think about how to make sure they have healthy baked options.

Democracy in action!

Our Family Coalition Event- You are Invited!

Our Family Coalition is pleased to invite you to participate in:

Everyone’s School: 9th Annual Town Hall on Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Classrooms

Join us for an evening of dinner and conversation, designed for parents, teachers, counselors and administrators to engage in conversations about creating, maintaining, and strengthening welcoming and safe schools for all children. It offers a great opportunity to strategize and move forward in making your schools LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) inclusive.

We will also be joined by Sarah and Ian Hoffman, authors of the children’s book, Jacob’s New Dress. They will be talking about how to create inclusive books and what that means for the classroom.

The event will take place at Glenview Elementary (4215 La Cresta Ave, Oakland, CA 94602) on Thursday, November 20th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

  • There is NO COST to attend the event.

  • Dinner and children’s activities will be provided.

We would love to have you and members of your school and district community participate! Meet children's authors, hear success stories from parents and create action plans to make your school more welcoming for LGBTQ families.

Please distribute and post copies of the enclosed flyer throughout your school community. Advance registration is preferred. Please RSVP at to let us know how many people from your site plan to attend (see our website at for more details).

If you have any questions or would want further information, please contact us at or (415) 981.1960.

Our Family Coalition looks forward to your school’s participation in what promises to be an informative and valuable community event.


The Education Team at Our Family Coalition

Safety First

Lunchroom Reminders

Students are not allowed to share lunches due to allergies.

Encourage healthy snacks (no candy)

Notes from our Safety Meeting Last Week

First & Second Grade:

Only students going to PE go to the circle

Second Grade needs to re-arrange the yard lines to improve their exit/line up flow

Community Meeting

Fifth grade to the right (thanks!)

Parents to the right too (sorry I forgot to announce this, someone remind me next week?)

Updated Map with Directions Written Up- John in process

Emergency Info (epipen)- In your boxes

Binder for Whole School for Michelle- Office Staff working on this

Emergency Packet - John is creating, Copy club will copy

Technology Tidbits