Having A new family

by Dionna punzel

Being Adopted

Being adopted into a new family

I was adopted into a new family at the age 2. We to go all the way to milwaukee courthouse for the final court date, we had to go through a lot of of security. The security guards said that they had to use the wand which is another name for medale detector . Know we got into the elevator to go to the courtroom lobby. when we got into the courtroom I saw my birth parents and that remained me of the visits i used to have with them, On those visits I did not like them because they looked scary so when they gave me money or gifts I broke it in pieces. Know when we got into the courtroom seeing the judge and my berth and my new family seeing all these people made me so nervous and scared but I still had a happy feeling. When we were done in the courtroom we went out to eat at a place in cambridge called the keystone grill. the keston girl is on of the best places to go for a good burger. Know the keston grill is not owned by the same people it got sold to a new family but still keped it in the family. This how I got a new family

When I got adopted

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The Wedding Day

Being a flower girl at my brothers wedding

I remember the day of my brother wedding. when i heard about me being a flower girl I was so excited. I got my hair done and it was really fun. the dress i wore was silky smooth white with a green trim at the bottom at the a green ribbon that tied at the back. when it was time to rehearse for the wedding for three days I walked up and do the hill for practice. my brothers sam and tavio where a big part to.My brother tavio was the ring barer and sam my second oldest brother was the best man. when the wedding time came I was so nervous but then when the music started and the people all stood up then I walked down with my brother. After the wedding there was a dance it was really fun we went to this place out side of fort and it was really good. when we got there I got to sit with the bride and groom and nexed to the maid of honor. Now day we had the gift opening opening we had a big party. At this party was chocolate fondue fountain and I decide to have chocolate cover fruit shish kabob and will i was eating it I got chocolate all over my dress so my mom and dad took it to the dry cleaners and got all of it out septed for the a little stained from the chocolate in the dress. This is one of my best times in my life!

I was a flower girl

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MY family

My family

In my family I have four brothers and two dogs and three cats and two parents

my oldest brother is married to jessica and her grandpa is coming to the veterans day ceremony. His daughter owns the the bon ton bakery, her name is Sindy and her husband name is Jon. I remember something that I did with my family that was fun was going to circus world . Circus world was fun because it was the first time got to ride a camel and ride an elephant. We also at as much food as possible. I also went to the dear parke up in wisconsin dells. The deer park in the wisconsin dells is very fun because you got pet the deer and feed them crackers. With my family I know have a horse her name is bell I love to jump and race with her . This is my story about my family and how much fun I got with them.