Flurione most wanted!!

By Angelia obando


an atom, atomic # 9 , atomic mass 18, # of protons 9 , # of neutrons 9, # of valence electrons 7. Fluorine is in group 17 and period 2.

Chemical properties and reactivity

Fluorine is highly toxic at room temperature, it doesn't combine with oxygen, it's highly corrosive with gas, when mixed with water it reacts explosively, it reacts with all the elements except helium, neon and argon, it is heat resistant, and it is very flammable.

Master of disguise

Type of elemant

physical properties

Fluorine is a halogen, It is a pale yellow, white or colorless gas, it can sometimes be fluorescent, in liquid form it is freely soluble in liquid oxygen and ozone, it ahs a very pungent odor, it changes from gas to liquid at temperatures of -188.13c (-306.5f)

it changes from liquid to solid at -219.61c (-363.30f)

Reasons Flurione is wanted

Fluorine is wanted for being very reactive and it helped create the first nuclear bomb.