Morgan Ventura's Science Flyer

-This page is for sharing and reflecting my learning.-

Introduction To Me

Morgan Ventura

My name is Morgan Estefania Ventura, I am 11. I enjoy doing gymnastics, volleyball,baking, and doing my makeup and hair.

Introduction to Science 6

In Science 6 we used the microscope, how to measure, and we used the triple beam balance. We learned the parts of a microscope and how to use it. Then we learned how to understand and use the triple beam balance. We did comparing and contrasting, qualitative and quantitative assessment, observations and inferences, classifying lab. The activitie we did were the clock partners.

My Favorite Lab/Activities

My favorite lab was the qualitative and quantitative lab. I liked that we were able to use the triple beam balance and it was cool looking and using the beam balance. We described how the objects looked and then we got to weigh it and measure it.
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