News you can use for the start of school - August 21, 2020

It's Almost Time for School!

Good evening Manning Families! We are so ready to have your students back in school, whether that's in our hybrid model or 100% remote, know we are so excited to welcome this year's class of Manning Mustangs!

Below you will find all that last minute information you need to be ready for next week!


MONDAY 8/24 - Hybrid Group A Orientation

MONDAY 8/24 - Remote Learner Orientation

TUESDAY 8/25 - Hybrid Group B Orientation

WEDNESDAY 8/26 - 1st Day of Remote/Online Learning for all students

MONDAY 9/7 - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

TUESDAY 9/8 - Hybrid Learning Begins



Orientation Day - Monday


Orientation Day - Tuesday


Orientation Day - Monday (online)


Our counseling department has been working incredibly hard on balancing your student's safety with their desire for the classes they requested. Schedules will be handed out at the orientation for hybrid learners and emailed home to those remote students.

Please know that while we are doing everything we can to get your student the classes they want, they may not have the picture perfect classes they had in mind. We had your students' safety in mind when we build schedules. Class changes may not be possible at this time.

Big picture

Need the code to get into class? Here is a sheet!

Student Drop off & Pickup

We all want to keep your students safe when getting picked up or dropped off, as well as get you in, out and on your way as efficiently as possible. This year adds another layer to that issue, that we at Manning have taken very seriously.

Please look at the map below and see where you should enter the lot to best drop your child in our "hug & go" system.

Each grade level has their own loop in the lot for drop-off and pick-up. Please use these loops to keep our kids safe.

*If you have a multiple grade level household or carpool, please use the 6th grade loops (green) to best access all 3 entrances.

Please remember, our students have a separate entrance for their grade level to help mitigate exposure. AND stay off those phones while in the parking lot! THANK YOU!

Bike to School?

If your student rides their bike to school, they will be able to access the bike rack on the outside of the building around the back. They will need to walk back around to their entrance to be screened prior to entering the building. They will not be allowed to enter in the doors by the bike rack.

Supply Drop-off & Material/Yearbook Pick-up

While we know you want to get those supplies out of your house and pickup those personal belongings or yearbooks, we just want to get this year off the ground. Please have patience with us as we plan a special date and time very soon to get this accomplished. This will not be happening at orientation.

Jeffco Connect & Student Fees

We know you are wanting to get that online stuff taken care of for us, and we really appreciate it. However, our fees have bee frozen until we get schedules finalized so you aren't paying for things you don't need to. We will notify you when fees are available for you to log in and pay.

You can log in to Jeffco Connect and sign agreements and finish that piece of the registration process.

Thank you for sharing your kiddos with us this year!

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to the Manning Staff if you have any questions or concerns.