By Daniel Mansfield


The easiest way to find Napel, Bhutan, Bangladesh would be to find china then find india. If you look between china and india you will find those three countries. The Himalayas also run through the middle of the them so if you where to follow those mountains you would find them easy. Nepal lat: 27:43 long: 85.19 Bangladish: lat:23.43 long: 90.25. Bhutan lat: 27.28 long:89.39.

Human and envioerment

In nepal urban houses are built with stone cement brick wood. can not be taller then five storys Houses usually have 2-3 bedrooms. Bhutan people often live in concrete houses. FIve storys house and 2-3 bedrooms Bangladesh seems to be different then the other two with 15-17 story apartment buildings.