Welcome back to school!

From your school counselors

Stephanie Stambaugh

Hello my superheros!! I can hardly wait to hear all about your summer adventures! I am excited to start my 5th year at Longbranch with you as your full time school counselor. I am also very happy that both of my kids will be Longhorns this year!! Students, please feel free to come see me just to say hello, share some good news, or if you have something that is on your mind that you may need help with!! I can just listen, help you problem solve, or give advice. Parents, I can do the same with you. Some of my responsibilities include: classroom guidance, small groups, ARC chairperson, and building assessment coordinator. I look forward to another great year at Longbranch!

Meredith Palmer

Welcome to our new and previous Superheros! Entering my 5th year as a school counselor at this amazing place we call Longbranch Elementary, this is home for my four children (although one has moved on to middle school)and I. While I would LOVE to be at this fabulous school each and every day, my schedule places me here on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Fridays.

As one of your counselors, it is of utmost importance that ALL students feel safe and happy while they are at school. My main role is to help facilitate this through classroom guidance, small group instruction and individual counseling. I look forward to having a great year with the wonderful students and families of Longbranch Elementary!