Smore by: Lily Kister


Fast.Wind.Mane.Tail,All things are true if your talking about horses!

Why was this a good read?

I believe this book was a interesting read sense i love horses and take care of a horses,one of the horses names is cash,his breed of horse is inside of this book.It also includes all of the other breeds of horses that have been bread or discovered sense the book was written.

Why would you read this book?

I would think some one would read this book if you had to do a report on horses,or maby was in a competition that involves horses,maby you would just want to read about them,the choice is yours!

What would i rate this book?

i would give this book a 4 out of 5 stars because it has a ton of great information but it also is not in the easiest order to read,the way the book's information is laid out confused me.