Hydro Power, The Ultimate Resource

By Grant Bonds

What is hydro power?

Hydro power (or hydroelectricity) is a renewable resource that uses flowing water to turn turbines to generate electricity! Because the earth is 70% water then the amount of hydroelectricity is endless!
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Where is hydro power produced?

It can be produced anywhere you can find running water! To make it workers create a dam. The allow a certain amount of water to pass through to spin a turbines and produce electricity!
This diagram shows how a dam turns running water into energy!

It first runs the water through the dam spinning turbines.

Then turbines then turn a generator which transmit electricity to a power station, to power lines, and then to your home or business.

(Picture from google images and from engg-kids.com)

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Who uses hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is used by many people! It is used for commercial and individual use! http://www.eredux.com/hydroelectric/ explains the individual energy use for each state!

Most states do use hydroelectricity for both commercial and individual use! The uses for this energy is nearly unlimited! Nearly anything companies or induviduals wan tot do with this energy they can! So hydroelectricity is a energy use for all!

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What is the Cost Benefit of Hydroelectricity?

As you can see the cost benefit is great! Hydroelectric power only costs 8.6 cents a kilowatt hour while other resources are non renewable AND cost more!

What comes from hydroelectricity?

Since making hydroelectricty only requires a dam and water it doesn't give off any emissions or by products. But it does have some down sides....

(start to 1:15 is relevant)

Impact of Dams on Environment

What are the Advantages of Hydropower?

There are many advantages of hydropower! One is that there will always be runnig water for hydropower to be produced! Another advantage is that it dosen't pollute the atmosphere by releasing harmful greenhouse gasses! Yet another advantage is the dams can last many many years to produce electricity.