Ms. Ward's 1st Grade

Newsletter Week 3

This has been a productive week in 1.3. We have started to really get the hang of the procedures of first grade, and the kindness and helpfulness that has been displayed during small groups, on the playground, and at lunch continues to blow me away. We have a fantastic bunch this year!

DAILY 5 (now up to DAILY 3!)

We have excelled leaps and bounds this week during Daily 5 stamina practice. This week, we not only reached our goal of 20 minutes of Read to Self, but we also have built our stamina in BOTH Work on Writing and Read to Someone! The students are learning how to work independently of the teacher on meaningful work, allowing me valuable one on one time with students. I have started Running Records with some of the students this week, which means that I am assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Once finished with those assessments, I will be able to better target my instruction to their individual needs.

We have also started learning different strategies when reading a book. The students were introduced to the CAFÉ Menu. CAFÉ is an acronym for Comprehension (understanding), Accuracy (reading the words correctly), Fluency (reading the words fluently), and Expand Vocabulary (knowing what the words mean). Eventually, each student will have their own CAFÉ “goal’ to work on. For now, we all are working on the same goal: Check for Understanding.

I have included pictures of the “I Charts” as well as the CAFÉ Menu. We review the I charts every day in class. The students are expected to monitor themselves, and know the behaviors and expectations by heart—ask your child to help you recite them for extra practice!! After each round of Daily 5 stamina practice, we ask ourselves how we did. It is simply self-reflection to instill more independence and self-responsibility.


The students are in their second week of capitalization and punctuation. Each morning during morning meeting, we read the day’s News and Announcements, which is a message from me about the day. As a class, we spend time finding our popcorn words within the message. We also have been noticing the capital letters within the message, as well as all the “puncs” at the end of sentences. For extra support at home, have your child look through newspapers or magazines and find their popcorn words, capital letters, or different punctuation marks.

We have also ready many ABC books to talk about upper and lower case letters. After reading these books, the students all brainstormed an idea for our very own ABC book! We are still making the finishing touches, but look out for pictures soon!


In math this week, we continued to learn about tally marks, greater than and less than, and comparing numbers. The students collaborated to come up with group expectations, as we played many games in small groups. They decided that being kind and respectful, taking turns, sharing, using quiet voices, and helping others were all rules that were needed to ensure that small group time is a success. I was thrilled by the hard work and helpfulness of each student during small group math time, as well as the laughter I heard as they had fun learning.


This week in Science we have focused on our 5 senses. We started the week with a mystery bag activity, where we had to use each of our senses to give us clues about what was in a brown bag… a yummy surprise didn't disappoint! We are now creating 5 senses booklets, where each student is both the author and illustrator of their very own book! They are working very hard to make them their best work, so parents, look forward to those coming home soon!

We also have been learning a poem each week that goes along with one of our lessons. This week’s poem was also a song about our 5 Senses. You and your child can have fun together trying to sing along to this fast-paced, educational song!

5 senses sing-a-long


Remember if you have not yet signed up as a parent to get Class Dojo reports every Friday, please do so! Also, I noticed that there are several students who have not set up an account. If you are still having trouble with creating account or logging in, please feel free to contact me.

The kids are very excited to earn their monsters points. Hopefully they will continue to be motivated to try their best and keep our classroom a safe and friendly learning environment!


Please send a healthy snack with your child each and every day. We have started “Fruit Club” in class, and we are keeping track of who brings in fruit or 100% fruit juice as an option.

Please send a note or email if you need to change regularly scheduled dismissal procedures. If you are picking up your child early or if they are not riding the bus, you must first sign them out at the Elementary Office.

Allow time for your child to read for 20 minutes each night. They should be good at this since we all built our stamina at school! RAZ Kids is a good option if books are limited at home.

Have a tremendous weekend!

-Ms. Ward : )