Marco Rubio in the Race

How the GOP Presidential Candidate is Standing

Projected Performance

Marco Rubio is doing well in the polls, and while Ted Cruz and Donald Trump still rank above him, he has garnered enough support to beat Ben Carson to third place in the GOP race, and continues to gain on Cruz.

As the Iowa Caucus draws closer, Rubio and his campaign have stayed strong and kept doing what they've been doing. His "marcomentum" has been blasted throughout social media, and he and his team have pushed out more Iowa ads, including a thirty minute documentary-style one. As has pointed out, Ted Cruz redirecting focus from attacking Trump onto Rubio, has only made Rubio gain more confidence; taking the attention as proof of his viability as a candidate. Although he certainly has the ability to end up above Cruz, Rubio has downplayed his chances and instead focused on making more connections with his supporters.

Rubio has also filed for the New Hampshire Primary, and has made another "marcomentum" video for New Hampshire. Before the start of 2016, though, Rubio hadn't paid any lengthy visits to NH in order to win over voters. But that isn't to say that he hasn't been winning over voters there now. He has been steadily rising in the NH polls, and has gained a lot of popularity recently. But time will tell if the dynamic speaker has what it takes to win over NH.

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Campaign Finance Information

Financially, Marco Rubio is keeping up well with his finances. According to, Rubio has raised (through committees and supporters) have raised a total of $32,961,419, and spent $8,843,323. Rubio's campaign has $27,456,551 cash on hand and his campaign is still being contributed to.

Iowa Caucus

Monday, Feb. 1st, 6:30pm

Iowa, United States


The first voting in the nation in the presidential race.
Marcomentum - Iowa | Marco Rubio for President

New Hampshire Primary

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 6:30pm

New Hampshire, United States

The first in the nation primary election. It follows the Iowa Caucuses.
Marcomentum - New Hampshire | Marco Rubio for President
Marco Rubio TV Ad: Life | Marco Rubio for President