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Orlando Merriweather

media is life

Media to me is a way of communicating. Sometimes through TV, radio, web and thing like that. Everybody experiences media in a different way. Most teens use social media. I use Instagram the mostly. Instagram is a form of social media where you take pictures and out in online and all your friends also none as followers can see it. Instagram is one off the most widely used forms of social media used in America. Another popular type of media is YouTube. YouTube is a website with videos of people and things all over the world. Pretty much anything you can image is on you tube somewhere. Also media can be for example TMZ. They have reporters that tell things about celebrities that are well none. Sometimes its bad things sometimes it’s good. Either way it goes it’s a part of social media. Media to me is way of life. I don’t think I could go a day without using some sort of media. It’s everywhere and it will not let up or go way. I never heard of media literate. If I had to guess I would say it might be a type of media where they talk about different parts of media. Maybe it’s to help make people literate in media. It would be a good idea since media is getting bigger every day. Also media is a good way of getting what you want out for people to know. Media is endless and will help make life easier in certain aspects depending on what you are trying to do.

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Coca-Cola in the commercial for cokes which aired during the 2014 Super bowl, communicates to views that never give up. Coca-Cola advertise cokes by depicting a boy finally getting off the bench and running farther than needed. Coca-Cola attempts to get viewer to buy coke together in other to people buy coca and putting football events. This commercial used a humorous tone connects with people who likes to laugh.

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Rapper Caught Flexing

Orlando Merriweather, Staff Reporter


New Orleans- rapper Lil Wayne has been caught sipping cranberry juice. He claims to only sip a drink known as lean. He spilled it on a fan in the middle of his performance. After the concert the fan found out that it was in fact cranberry juice not lean.

Lil Wayne was jumping around on stage with a cup of what he claims to be his signature drink lean. Then he tripped over the microphone cord and spilled his cup in to the crowd. The drink went on to 17-year-old Jerry. Later that night Jerry smelled the shirt and it turned out to be cranberry juice.

After the realization Jerry took action on twitter and tweeted “Lil Wayne is the biggest fact and I will not listen to him ever again.” Then Jerry goes on to tweet he will that he will also never drink cranberry juice again.

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Unit 1 Final essay

Social Media is the powerful thing ever in the 21ST century. People in the 21st century hook up and connect with each other using Social media. Social Media is websites and applications used for social media. Social media influences every aspect of our lives. Social media enables people to either destroy or create life for other people, it’s also dangerous indeed. People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. On Facebook, 70 percent get most of their news from friends and family, versus the only 13 percent who get it from news organizations and journalists, On Twitter, only 36 percent get news links from friends and family, as opposed to the 27 percent who get it from traditional news orgs and journalists. So Social media is entertaining everyone and is taking over the 21st century.

Social media of course has some negative aspects which are dangerous .It causes lots of trouble with people, the most common negative aspects of social media is, getting many people fired from their jobs, cyber bullying .and opens up the possibility of hackers and stockers. Over 370 people get fired per a year from social media ,That’s a lot of people Twitter and Facebook does invade your privacy so that’s why some people gets fired from how their feeling about their jobs. Cyber bullying is one of those negative aspects that happen a lot to some people. There were people who threatens to kill someone online and that does happen a lot on the internet so that’s one of those dangerous things that happens when your connecting a lot on social media .Social media is powerful but it does open the possibility of hacking and it did happen also stocking is another thing when comes to people are trying to stare at your pictures and read their information, Stocking is one of those things that are dangerous, so social media does have negative aspects.

On the other hand social media does have positive affects which is great and helpful to a lot of people. The 3 most common positive things with social media is, Contacting with your Family, Job hunting, it shows you news daily. The most important thing to people is contacting with your family and friends who live very far away from you, That’s very important to people and I think that’s why social media is so successful because no matter how old you are you will always use social media to talk to you love ones. The power of social media can get people jobs, social media is also known for job hunting. It helped many people get information about the job their interested in, and it helped them can the job they wanted so social media does help people get jobs and that’s why it’s very powerful. Also it can update you news in less than a minute instead of you going to the channel news you can just be online and it will update you with any important news that is going on. So those are the reasons why social media has positive effects on people.

Social Media is going to continue to grow and evaluate and eventually it might be a main source, and only state of news. Teens usually overlook how dangerous social media is and how much it impacts people. Social Media is bad if your accounts aren’t secure ,and good because it connects you to things you would otherwise have.

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entry 5

Entry #5

My historical event that I choose that changed the course of the world is 9/11. Muslim extremists striked the United States because of their hate of our freedoms. This was the possibly the main but biggest motive retrieved by the Bush Administration, but more rational motives were available to consumers of print media. Perhaps Osama wanted to punish the United States for stationing troops in Saudi Arabia or maybe perhaps he wanted to provoke the United States into attacking Arab nations in order to recruit jihadists. Although the issue of Bin Laden's motive was never a big issue, since he had already been tried and convicted on TV on the day of the attack. The whole 9/11 tragedy was unfortunate but instead of the Muslim extremists making it to the plane the world would be different if they would have never made it to the plane. If I could have caught them before then or put word in before the incident happen the world would be different. The guys would have been convicted and put in jail for life. Thousands of people would still be alive also. Then America could see that the airports needed to be more safe and secure. Instead thousands had to die for the security to be beefed up. Also I think that it would have scared anybody else to try anything like that again. America is a place of freedom and liberty and we deserve it because we worked for it. We are a strong country and will continue to be no matter what. We have bounced back from 9/11 but it will not be forgotten.

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smore 6

entry 6

1. Are Julia and Winston really in Love?

There are not really in love it’s just the idea of feelings for somebody. They are just new to this situation like young children. Also it could just be a form of rebel against the ideology of marriage.

2. What does Sexual promiscuity represent to Julia? Explain.

Sexual promiscuity means to Julia as a causal thing like having sex to satisfy her.

3. Why does Julia believe the State suppresses sexuality and real intimacy in relationships? Explain, using details from the novel.

Julia believe the state suppresses sexuality and real intimacy in relationships because on pg. 133 she says that it if they had the energy to burn that could make you happy then you should use it to make you happy not to worship big brother.

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entry 7

In this class I learned that there are many different types of media. Before I just thought it was news media. For example print media and new age media are other types of media. The most popular type of media to my life would be social media. Social media is Facebook, Myspace, Instagram, and things like that. I personally visit Instagram at least ten times a day. Millions of people use social media all around the world every day. Also something I learned is how business comes up with their commercial to get you to buy their product. Something that I will take away from this class is something I learned from the novel 1984. That is that life could be worst. I still have my freedom and the people in 1984 couldn’t do anything not even marry who they wanted to. That’s a freedom that we really don’t think about but people in the world today don’t have it. This class has been really different from my other language classes. Before in my language other language classes they focus on my writing and grammar. This class focused more on the world’s way of life. How everybody thinks different and how the world works in a society. To make this class better for future students I would make the work more exciting. Make the work relate to us more in some way. I feel if this class related to the average high school teenager more it would be more exciting. Also when we read have some kind of fun activity to keep us awake and more important listening to what’s going on in the book. In my opinion the schoology idea is good and should be kept. Especially because you can do it at home if you didn’t finish in class.