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What is mystery?

A genre of fiction in which a detective, either an amateur or a professional, solves a crime or a series of crimes. Detective stories rely on logic which means no super natural elements are involved. The person solving the crime generally has something to gain from solving the crime.

5 Elements of Mystery

Characters-The characters are usually engaging, interesting, and multi-dimensional and most of them, with the acceptation of the protagonist could be the murderer or perpetrator of the crime.

Setting-There is a lot of different settings for mystery because crime can be happening anywhere.

Plot-Usually begins with action or suspense to hook the reader in. Then through a series of clues, the protagonist eventually solves the mystery, sometimes placing himself or herself in jeopardy by facing real or perceived danger.

Problem-usually a crime that needs to be solved, author should include clues throughout the story. Includes false clues to throw the reader off.

Solution-The way the action is resolved-finding a missing item or person who stole it. It is important for the solution to be believable. Authors must include all the clues necessary for finding the solution in the story (even if they are hidden).

Popular Examples:

Shutter Island

Angles and Demons

The girl who played with fire

Nancy Drew

The Davinci code

And then there were none

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes


  • 24.1% of library prints are mysteries
  • 20.6% of all E books are mysteries

Mystery vs Thriller

In mysteries, the antagonist is not known while in thrillers, the reader can easily identify the antagonist.

What we notice about the main character:

He is very Timid, scared, and nervous. He doesn't seem like someone who would do something bad.


The story takes place at Bill's, the main characters house.

Plot twists:

A plot twist that happened in the story is when Christa was actually holding Bill hostage because Christa killed Bill's wife.

Is it realistic?

Yes, because it is reasonable and could actually happen.

Example to show our genre:

It had a good plot twist, a crime, a villain, strong supporting characters and it had a detective (police officer)

Quotes from story to show genre:

"She is missing." This shows that there is a crime that should be solved.

"The gun that overnight had taught him how to be a natural." This shows that there was a good plot twist occurring in the story.