The Indian Removal Act

By: Hailey Hicks and Marian Antunez

The Trail Of Tears

The trail of tears was where the Creek and Cherokee tribes were forced to move out west. This was in 1838, and 15,000 or more Cherokee refused to leave Georgia. 7,000 troops arrived to force them to stockades.Hundreds of Cherokees died from disease while in stockades.Several thousand were crowded onto dirty boats with bad food.1/3 of Cherokee people died.Some escaped into North Carolina mountains.The rest took the 700-800 mile walk about 4000 died.

Dahlonega Gold Rush

The gold in Dahlonega was dicovered in 1829. Lumpkin county was the first gold mining center in the U.S. Georgia passed a law that places part of the Cherokee land under state control, and they could not speak against white men in court. On December 1829 a second law refused the Cherokee any right to gold mined in Dahlonega. As a result, the Cherokee lost homes, lands, and legal rights.

Hailey Hicks and Marian Antunez