The Earth Day

by: Ido Yosefi & Koren Tsabar

What is the Earth Day?

Earth Day is a day marking environmental protection awareness.

The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the importance and preservation of the planet.

In 1970, US Senator called, Gilord Nelson, a day of learning and protest on April 22, in response to what he thought was an extensive environmental destruction.

Over 20 million people participated in peaceful demonstrations on that day to raise awareness of the environment in the United States. Today, a great event all over the world by governments, organizations and groups.

For what do we need the earth day?

We need earth day because:

1. we need to raise awareness to protect earth and Protect the environment and make people to work for the environment.

2. Causes to public commitment and builds community activism around the world through a broad range of events and activities.

3. On this day people use less vehicles, because it is significantly decreases air pollution.

Write 2 things that you have learned from the movie

1. the rising sea temperatures destroyed even more habitat on the great barriar reef, birds and other species.

2. Climate change affects our lives and it is threatens the existence of our children and future generations and it already had major effects on water.

How is the Earth Day celebrated around the world?

Earth Day is celebrated around the world a lot of different ways, for example: recycled fashion show in San Francisco, zoo party Plante in Canada and a mass concert in Italy.

list of activities that are done in the world to save the planet.

Actions carried out on behalf of the Earth are: 1.Hkikh- the establishment of laws and regulations on environmental protection and to enforce them.

Building Institutions.2.

Allocation of funds.3.

Fostering public awareness.4.

5. Supervision of the factors and possible sources that could harm the environment.

activity that you like to do in Israel.

We were having a happening sessions for young children with inflatables, and more…

And there is a cost to enter facilities all profits will be donated to the Association "clear" for the environment.

What we learned the most from the project

The most important thing we learned from the project is : how important is to save earth and how easy it is to make a change


Earth Day 2015