Jasper County Charter System

Family Engagement Newsletter December 2020

Meet the Jasper County Charter System's District Family Engagement Coordinator!

I am very excited for the opportunity to join the Jasper County Charter System! My name is Tiffany Price and will serve families in Jasper County as the District Family Engagement Coordinator. I have two beautiful daughters that attend school in Jasper County, one attends Jasper County Primary and the other attends Washington Park Elementary School.

Education and Teaching Experience


  • Bachelor's Degree- Mercer University; Dual Certification-Early Childhood/Special Education, Gifted Endorsement and Science Endorsement
  • Master's Degree-Mercer University; Early Childhood
  • Master's Degree- Georgia College and State University- Educational Leadership
  • Specialist Degree (Earned)-Northcentral University-Special Education, Doctoral Program (IP)


  • Paraprofessional-6 Years Self-Contained Special Education SID/PID/MOID-Henry County
  • 4th Grade Teacher/Grade Level Lead- English, Science, and Social Studies-RTI Lead, Title I Rep., Literacy Lead, PBIS Team-Newton County
  • 9th-12th High School Teacher/Department Lead- All Content Areas-Special Education- Self-Contained- MID/MOID, Department Lead, Literacy Committee, Leadership Team-Henry County
  • District Family Engagement Coordinator-Jones County-6th-12th-Title I Federal Programs

In my free time, I volunteer with Operation Lunchbox, which an organization that works with 9 Georgia, that provides non-perishable food items or "weekend groceries" to families around the state of Georgia. I also am a certified coach and volunteer with Special Olympics of Georgia. I love the beach and spending time with my girls and family!

What excites me the most about my job is that every day is a learning opportunity. I love that I can make connections with families throughout Jasper County, not only for academic resources but community resources, as well. Helping families feel empowered and successful influences, drives the the children’s motivation and desire to learn at school. Sometimes we must go to them, before they come to us!

Things to look forward to in the coming months....

We look forward to sharing all of the great things you children are doing in Jasper County! Please take a moment each week and check the newsletter, website, webpage, social media, or remind for updates! A new district newsletter will be posted each month.

- Title I Curriculum Presentations

Information to be announced soon! Look for announcement and information to go home!

- Title I Family Nights

Schools will also provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children’s achievement, such as literacy training and using technology (including education about the harms of copyright piracy)

- Title I Parent/Guardian Workshops- Building Parent Capacity

Webpage provides continuous communication but we will also provide workshops throughout the year.

Workshops will be designed to help parents understand:

  • Challenging State academic standards

  • State and local academic assessments, including alternate assessments

  • What is Title I and parent rights

  • How to monitor a child’s progress

  • Work with educators to improve the achievement of their children

- Title I Parent/Guardian Input Survey

Provides parents an opportunity to give input on how funds are spent, communication, document revision, and engagement of schools/district.

- Title I Revision Meeting

Provides parents an opportunity to give input on how funds are spent, communication, document revision, and engagement of schools/district.

- Title I Family Engagement District Monthly Newsletters

District Family Engagement Newsletter provides Families with strategies and resources to help parents stay engaged with the school and involved in their child's learning.

- Monthly Newsletters- Parent Institute

Provide parents monthly newsletters and strategies to encourage and promote family engagement and student success.

Virtual Family Resource Center

Use the link below to view the Virtual Family Resource Center to provide resources for Families Pre-K thru 12th Grade. If you would like to check out resources use the form below to request resources.

This page is designed for families to be provided valuable information, resources, and various tools to help support your child's learning, as well as to engage you as an active partner in the education of your child.

Parent's/Guardian's... You can book a meeting with the Family Engagement Coordinator!

Parents and Guardians scan the QR Code below with the camera on their cell phone or click the link to schedule an appointment with me. Appointments with me will be available most days from 9-5. Sessions will be held virtual or my phone.

We would be happy to meet with you regarding strategies for student learning, Virtual Learning, or general questions or concerns, regarding your child's academic success in JCCS.

Big picture

Parent Questionnaire and Contact Information Survey

Please complete the parent contact information for 2020. Please list multiple children in the form and select school for each child. This form will be used to send helpful information to parents and you will be added to the mailing list for events and information for parents/guardians throughout the school year, such as information on parent workshops, family events, transition opportunities, information regarding student achievement, and much more!



Here are some tips to help your student perform his/her best on math tests.

  • Before you start a problem, try to estimate what the answer will be.
  • If you’re having difficulty with a problem, try drawing a picture or diagram.
  • Don’t spend too much time on one problem. If you get stumped, move on and come back to it later.
  • Show all of your work. Even if you get the wrong answer, you may get points if you were on the right track.
  • If you have time, double check your work.

If you or your child need help with a math problem or skill, visit khanacademy.org. This website has many excellent free online math videos.

Know that your attitude about math is contagious. If you say that you don’t like math or aren’t good at it, your child is more likely to do the same. Make sure your child knows that math is a skill that’s learned, not a skill someone is born with.



We all get stuck sometimes, and for many students, getting “unstuck” can be difficult. The following are some motivational tools you can teach your child.

Visualize success. If your child is nervous about a test, encourage your child to imagine entering the classroom confidently, and answering the questions correctly.

Turn failures into successes. When something doesn’t go well, help your child learn from the experience, and think about what he/she can do differently next time.

Find a motivator. Turn what competes with your child’s motivation into a motivator. For example, a video game or TV time could be a reward for getting all homework done.

-Woodburn Press

Here's how you can support your child socially, emotionally, and academically in Middle School


Positive, meaningful relationships between high school students and their teachers and principals are more than just nice to have; they're the foundation for a great high school.

Jasper County Charter System- Family Engagement

Tiffany Price-District Family Engagement Coordinator