For sale - Venus!

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Venus: the planet

Come to Venus! The luxurious paradise of flowing lava rivers is the 2nd planet from the Sun, and is neighbored by Mercury and Earth.

It is 108.2 million kilometers from the Sun.

Days on Venus are equal to 243 days on Earth, which are extremely long days, which gives you longer to sleep, and longer to explore the planet!

One year on Venus is equal to 225 days on Earth! Shorter years than days?? Whoa!!

With a diameter of 12,104 kilometers

And surface gravity of 8.87 meters per second squared

Venus's atmosphere is made of 96.5% carbon dioxide and 3.5% nitrogen.

Venus has zero moons that orbit it

Venus has four seasons, like Earth, and they are 55-58 days long (Venus time)

The average temperature of 864 degrees Fahrenheit (462 degrees Celsius)

The winds on Venus in the clouds can be 224 m/p/h, but don't worry, they drop when they get closer to the planets surface.

Venus is home to beautiful plains full of volcanoes that can be form 0.5-150 miles wide, as well as lava rivers that can be longer than 5,000 kilometers (3,000 miles), and six mountain ranges that cover one third of the planet.

Venus is extremely dry, because all precipitation evaporates or boils into nothing.

On Venus there are also have coronae or 'crowns', which are caused when the heated crust rises up, and causes the surface to become warped.

There are also tesserae or 'tiles', raised areas that have many valleys and ridges going in different directions.

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Consider This:

Although Venus has extreme temperatures, they offer a great time for any beach lovers out there!

Also, there is a chance of acidic rain, but it's okay, because the rain will quickly evaporate.

You will get to be on one of the only other objects that is visible from Earth without a telescope.

The ancient name for Venus was Lucifer, which translates into "light-bringer" because of how bright the planet can appear, or did appear in ancient times.

Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, because it shone brightest in the sky out of the 5 planets when it was discovered. It is the only planet named after a goddess (female).

Why go to a freezing cold planet like Neptune, when you could be on a lovely warm planet, like Venus????

Why go to Jupiter? You don't. Because you can't even stand on it!!

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