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October 2018

Parent Coordination Network

The Parent Coordination Network is committed to ensuring that parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist in making informed choices in their children's education.

Texas Project First

Families, Information, Resources, Support, & Training

Texas Project First is a bilingual, web-based tool created by parents, for parents! It will point the way to special education information and resources you can trust and understand and people you can contact for more assistance.

From what to expect after diagnosis, navigation of the special education process, free online learning opportunities, to state and community resources, this website is full of information to help guide the special education journey.

You can also register for periodic updates from Texas Project First by clicking here.

It's Also Learning Disabilities Awareness Month!

In celebration, the Learning Disabilities Association of America is offering free webinars, links to great apps, and a wealth of information and resources. Take a dive by clicking here!

One specific resource is Questions Parents and Educators Can Ask to Start Conversations About Using Terms Like Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, and Dysgraphia. Eleven diverse, national organizations joined together to develop ideas for having this conversation. When parents and educators use the same terms to describe a child's challenges, it's easier for them to communicate and work together to provide the instruction, services, and support every child needs to succeed.

TEA's Model Form for Transfer of Rights

TEA has published the model form for use by school districts in notifying students with disabilities and their parents about the transfer of rights at age 18, as required by TEC §29.017. This from, Notice of Transfer of Rights to Students with Disabilities Who Reach Age of Majority Model Form, is also available on the Secondary Transition Guidance page at the TEA website. It includes information and resources related to:

  • Transfer of rights at age 18;
  • Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship;
  • Supported Decision-Making; and
  • Independent Living.

For more information, contact the Secondary Transition network member for your respective Education Service Center.

Through Your Child's Eyes - Reading Issues

as published by

For many kids, reading is a way to explore new worlds. But what does it feel like to be a kid who always struggles to read? Try a simulation! After experiencing what it may be like for a struggling reader, use the provided resources to help start a conversation with your child or the next steps in seeking expert advice. has a multitude of resources that address reading and associated learning disabilities. Take time to explore this site for feature articles such as this one: How Reading Changes the Brain.

SpedTex Reading & Academic Resources

Expand the Reading Resources category to uncover a number of evidence-based articles and program resources aimed at teaching children to read.

Check out the Apps for Parents to Use to Help Students with Literacy category to explore must-have apps that will be fun and motivating to help kids practice the essential skills associated with reading.

Exceptional Family Member Program

as published in PATH Project Newsletter, September 2018

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) Resources, Options, and Consultations (ROC) is enhanced support for military families with special needs. Special needs consultants are available by phone or video to help navigate the medical and educational needs of your family, and connect you with military and community-based support.

  • Ways to connect. Schedule appointments 24/7 by live chat or calling 800-342-9647. Consultations are available via phone or video session.
  • Expertise to help. EFMP ROC connects you with experts in education, the military health care system and TRICARE, and special needs estate planning. Our team of experts helps you understand how to access resources and benefits and determine eligibility.
  • Specialized support at the ready. Our staff is available to provide extra support such as conducting three-way calls between you and TRICARE health care and arranging warm hand-offs to installation Family Support staff or other experts to assist you.
  • Robust information and resources. One click connects you to helpful articles, toolkits, important forms and other information to ensure your family knows where to find the resources and support available to you.

Plan now to attend the 2018 Statewide Parental Involvement Conference

Presented by the Title I, Part A Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative

December 6-8, 2018

Frisco Embassy Suites & Convention Center

Tammy Pearcy, Assistant State Director of Special Education at the Texas Education Agency, will host a feature session dedicated to an overview and update on the progress of the Special Education Strategic Plan and accompanying corrective actions.

There will also be a group of Special Education break-out sessions covering best practices and practical strategies for parents, parent organization representatives, and educators. A collection of sessions will be either presented or translated in Spanish.

For more information, visit the event website or check out the registration brochure in the downloadable file below.

Partners Resource Network

Partners Resource Network is a non-profit agency that operates the federally funded Texas Parent Training and Information Centers - PATH, PEN & TEAM. All of the projects share the common purpose of empowering parents of children and youth with disabilities in their roles as parents, decision makers, and advocates for their children.

Texas Parent to Parent Resource Page

Texas Parent to Parent is committed to improving the lives of Texas children who have disabilities, chronic illness, and/or special health care needs.

TxP2P hosts an online, searchable resource directory to assist both parents and professionals in the care of a child with a disability, chronic illness, or special health care need. For personalized assistance, submit a question through Ask Rosemary or contact TxP2P directly.

Looking for parent support groups? TxP2P works regularly with Navigate Life Texas to keep this parent support group listing updated. If you would like to recommend a resource or to update information in this directory, send an email to

Understood Live Expert Chats & Webinars

Webinars? Facebook and Twitter Chats? Discussion Groups? has a wide variety of events to meet your learning needs and schedule. Search by date, student issue, grade, or all of the above! A list of opportunities will be generated for your individualized needs. Time it just right, and you can get your questions answered in real time during Live Expert Chats and Webinars.
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