Kevin Waku

you don't get something from nothing

Interesting facts

I was born in Lyon, France and I lived there for 9 years until moving to the U.S.

I love to play soccer with my brothers

my favorite school subject is math

Three words that describe me




Three qualities I posses that make a me a strong leader

The qualities that make me a strong leader are trustworthy, helpful, and honest.

Thing I hope to gain

Things I hope to gain from serving in a leadership role are friendship,communication skills, and determination.

Leader who serve to me as an inpiration

A leader who serves to me as an inspiration is Thomas Edison because he invented many things like the light bulb, and when I grow up I want to be an inventor.

you don't get something from nothing

This means that you have to work for everything and you can't expect for thing to just come to you.