Gary Soto

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Gary Soto

Gary Soto was born in Freso, California to Mexican-American parents in 1952. His father passed away when he was only five years old, because of this, he had little time for school. He had to work in agriculture, yet he still found inspiration from classic authors and poets in High School. He continued his studies earning degrees in English and Poetry Writing. He was a professor and is an award winning author of books for both children and adults. He also dedicated himself to promoting activism and is involved in several community programs.

It appears these days I don't have much of a life because my nose is often stuck in a book. But I discovered that reading builds a life inside the mind.
Gary Soto

What books can we read by Gary Soto?

a collection of books by author Gary Soto

Gary Soto's collection of books offer engaging literature with Spanish vocabulary and a window into Hispanic American culture.

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And finally, an intriguing article written by Gary Soto about the politicization and the controversy involved in writing for to a widely criticized genre.

Gary Soto

Mr. Soto encourages classes to write him letters. He wants to hear your opinion on his books and anything else that you would like to tell him. However, he will not write to you about homework.