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Newcomers Breakfast and Rosetta Stone

We have ten students in the school who are newcomers to the United States. To help them adjust quicker and improve their language abilities, we will offer them the possibility to meet in the computer lab Monday through Thursday at 7:30 to practice English using the Rosetta Stone program.

They will also have breakfast with us in the ESL Room (502 by the elevator) twice a week to follow the District's Newcomers curriculum. K-2 Monday and Wednesday, and 3-5 Tuesday and Thursday.

ELLs Progress

As you know English Language Learners are critical to compliance. We need to show that we are offering to our students all the support they need to improve their language ability in all four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. When you click on the link, you will find the instructions to fill out the Student's Progress Monitoring Form in Formspace (Eduphoria). As you have always done, please continue keeping track of all the interventions, accommodations and/or modifications that you are using during instruction. The ESL crew will have access to the reports and support you in any way needed. Also, we will print the reports when we have our spotlight meetings.

Tip of the month: SIOP

Building Background is one of the SIOP components. Here are two ideas to do this. All grade levels benefit from the use of "Realia, Photos and Illustrations" that activate their knowledge. Another excellent strategy is the "Insert Method", recommended for 3-5, but it can be adapted for the lower grade levels. It can be done individually, in partners, small groups and even whole class.

Description: The students read a nonfiction article using the following coding system, inserting the codes directly into the text they are reading:

  • A check mark - Indicates a concept or fact that is already known by the students.
  • A question mark - Indicates a concept or fact that is confusing or not understood.
  • An exclamation mark - Indicates something that is new, unusual or surprising.
  • A + sign- Indicates an idea or concept that is new to the reader.

When they finish reading and marking the text, they share their markings with another set of partners. Following by whole class discussion led by the teacher.

Online Learning Opportunities

There are some courses open for registration now! If you are interested in any of the online courses listed below, please DO NOT register in Eduphoria. You will be registered once you have signed for the appropriate course related book and logged into the course in LOLA.

Books will be available for pick up starting September 15 through September 26 at the SSAB West Entrance (400 W. Main St., Lewisville, TX) with Michelle Eberendu during business hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm). You will receive a link and instructions for the course in LOLA on the course opening day.

· Funny in Farsi

· The hELPS

· Multicultural Manners

· SIOP for Pre-K and Kindergarten

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