Interactive Books for Young Readers

What are interactive books?

Interactive books are a wonderful way for young readers to enhance their reading abilities while being visually stimulated. Interactive books are perfect for new readers and feature bright, cartoonish illustrations, cool fonts, and simple text to teach young readers basic facts. Interactive books can be used for individual students on a personal computer, or can be used with a group on a SMART board.

Crazy About Clouds (Interactive Book) (160006)

cd-rom, P, 2008

The Science Rocks! series provides a simplified look at Earth Science. Learn about the clouds in these easy-to-read books. Water, fog, and weather are described along with stratus, cumulus, cirrus, and cumulonimbus clouds, with simple text and matching illustrations. A science activity, fun facts section, glossary, and index aid students in learning about the clouds above them.

Underground Railroad (Interactive Book) (160007)

cd-rom, I, 2008

United States, 1800s. Due to the need for manual labor, millions of African people were transported to and sold in the United States. These people were treated as property, and many felt this was wrong. These people helped thousands of slaves escape to the North where slavery was illegal. Follow the drinking gourd along the Underground Railroad in these daring graphic novels. Maps, timelines, glossaries, and indexes make these titles an exciting addition to classroom discussion.

Up North and Down South: Using Map Directions (Interactive Book) (160008)

cd-rom, PI, 2008

Using this interactive book students will which way to go...Left, Right, East, West. With a map, a compass, and the skills to use them, you'll never get lost again!

If Maps Could Talk (Interactive Book) (160009)

cd-rom, PI, 2008

This interactive book will give meaning to those black dots and the blue curvy lines on a map. With the key and the skills to read it, you'll unlock the language of maps.

Ways To Find Your Way: Types Of Maps (Interactive Book) (160010)

cd-rom, PI, 2008

From a state highway map to a national park physical map, there's a map for any traveler. But there are so many kinds of maps, which one should you use? With this interactive boo kit will show you how you can decide which map is best for your journey.

Earth (Interactive Book) (160011)

cd-rom, P, 2008

With this interactive book a student will learn about the planet we call home. Learn about the Earth's conditions and what makes it unique in the solar system.

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