It's Almost Here...


Optimus Status Update

So, some of you may have noticed that I'm a little quieter or more hurried than in previous years. I want to be as transparent as possible with my situation. My wife is pregnant with twin girls, and we are super excited! She has had some complications and has been hospitalized since April 9th at a great hospital about an hour away from home. I have been splitting my time living and working at home and the hospital. I also have a three-year-old that I'm taking care of too. I am still working, but it will often be in bursts at odd times. Tuesday and Friday mornings (my wife and babies undergo testing) are times when I will be especially hard to contact. I am dedicated to a great summer, but there are a few ways that this situation will impact you.

  1. I will not attend any Regional Staff Trainings.
  2. My summer travel schedule is up in the air. You may get visitors like Julie (my Territory Manager) or Rob (Director of the Operations Team).
  3. There will be a time period I'm out once the babies are born. They are due August 4th, but they will undoubtedly come before then. I will be forwarding calls and emails to Julie or another manager for 1-2 weeks once that happens.

In the meantime, these things will happen as normal.

  1. You can call, text, or email me as needed. The more specific you are, the faster and more efficiently I can respond.
  2. I will be reaching out to Management Staff to set-up Director Connect Sessions as soon as we are given a green light to do so. Some of the content post-Spring Break Camp is being updated.
  3. I will run Touchpoint Meetings for Directors this summer.
  4. I will be available for scheduling, pay, reimbursement questions, etc.

Please understand that though I may respond slower, you are a definite priority. I have included several surveys below to help our communication.

Talk to you soon,


Training Pro Tips

Regional Staff Training starts this weekend. I know that most of you received an RST email last week with the details, but there are some things that I want to highlight.

  1. Bring all of your I-9 paperwork and documentation. Don't get sent home from training!
  2. Instructors: Get into Game Plan and do your first Weekly Outline. All it takes is a quick visit to Staff Corner ( to get started.
  3. iD provides the linens, but I recommend bringing toiletries, hand soap, shower shoes, and a towel.
  4. Bring something to write on and write with...There is a lot of information covered in two days. Write questions down that aren't answered in sessions, and ask me that weekend or later that week.
  5. Bring a Crazy Hat and lots of green, and you will get ticketed!!!!
  6. Get to know your teammates!
  7. Fill out your Training Travel Reimbursement as soon as you get home and send them to me.


Puzzle Pieces in Motion!

As many of you have noticed, you can view your schedules live within a month of camp! I have staff who are requesting changes, so you will get updates from time-to-time about schedule changes. Most of the time, I am tightening up things. I don't have to publish the schedules, but I like transparency in all that I do. I want you to have the most current information, so all of my staff know what to expect. However, there are a few things to understand. First, I have not put in weekend housing or assignments. Second, Pulse does not automatically transfer preferences. It involves a lot of QA after I update assignments. Finally, things will be in motion as we head up to camp. I will have staff who get sick, take other positions, or are needed elsewhere. It's all part of the process.

There is a Google Form above that you can use to help me schedule housing and weekend work. Also, every time I make a switch in someone's course schedule other information (especially housing) is reset to default.

Don't get freaked out if you are an overnighter who is suddenly a commuter. Just text me or email me your questions!