Online Safety

By Eleanna Vallis

Social Networking Sites and how to stay safe, Your Rights and Security Technologies

There are many ways to stay safe on the Internet, however not many people follow those rules, which could lead to a lot of issues and problems:


  • If you're on Facebook or Twitter, or basically any Social Networking site, you have to change or set your settings to private, because if you don't, that could lead to a lot of unwanted people entering your profile, because since you've set your settings to public, anybody, from a pedophile to a murderer can enter.
  • Grooming is very easy for people who want to fool you into believing they're someone that they're not. So do not under any circumstances "friend" somebody that you don't know, because as much as you want to believe that you're not going to get fooled by the, these people are going to find ways to trick you and that is definitive.
  • Another common problem is visiting sites that you don't know. There are certain sites where they lure you into going inside, just to harm your computer and just to take advantage of you. Nothing good can come out of these unknown sites. If you want to use a social networking site, use the ones that all your peers use.
  • When or If you get an e-mail from an unknown sender than asks you to meet them in the park or to give them money so they can save it somewhere do not ever respond to it. Immediately tell your parents.
  • Lastly on this topic, don't give away your password to anyone, even those you consider friends, because even if you trust them, they can easily get into your account just because you were gullible enough to give them your password.


  • As hard as it is to believe, you have a lot of rights on the internet and Social Networking Sites and one of them is the most obvious. Every Single Person has a right to the Internet, at least in Europe. If you move into a new city or country (within Europe) or or even a new house, you have a right to access the internet there.
  • If you have a problem when you've bought something online, it is your legal right to call the company of which you've ordered the product from and DEMAND they give you a refund. If they've taken your money and you haven't received the item that you've ordered, you are legally allowed to report it to the police so they can shut the online store down.
  • Then there are also CONTRACT rights. If you've signed a contract online and it hasn't been received but you've SENT it, then it is your right to go and report it, or ask for the people you signed the contract for to give you time. If the contract falls into somebody else's hands, according to the law they have to report it or else they have to pay a fine.


Last but not least, Security Technologies: Basically there are so many I'm just going to list some of them in bullet points:

  • Access Control
  • Perimeter Security
  • IP access controller
  • Inter-flex

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you follow my advice, as it is a way to stay safe.

End Cyberbullying 2014 | ETCB Organization