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Welcome to the city of Khushville!

Established in 1985, Khushville has been one of the most welcoming communities, promoting safety and sustainability while managing to attract families for residency. Looking at the idea sustainability, in Khushville, we guarantee a safe and healthy lifestyle for the generations currently residing in Khushville and many more to come. However, things will eventually change if everyone doesn’t choose to sustain to maintain our city and planet. The actions that you take in our city is going to determine if our future generations will live in happiness or destruction.
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What is Sustainability?

Sustainability means the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed or basically the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. Sustainability not just refers to the environment but also the economy and social sustainability.
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Land Uses


Khushville is a suburban community overall. You will find suburban housing including, semi - detached, detached, townhouses, single floor homes or single family housing, and retirement homes in Khushville. In some parts of Khushville like downtown Khushville, you will feel more urban because of the high rise buildings over there. We include high rise apartments, low rise apartments, condos, motels, hotels. All over this city you will find shelters so they are easily accessible.


Scattered all around this city, you will find 7 elementary schools, 9 high schools, 5 universities and 5 colleges. You will find a library in every neighborhood or around every neighborhood, at least. We have about 9 libraries in our city in total. we also have 9 hospitals, 22 police and fire stations, 5 mosques, 4 churches, 6 temples, 5 cemeteries, and 6 post offices making Khushville a pretty large city.

Green Land

In Khushville, we fill our city with fun, relaxation, and nature. We have forests next to our industrial sites that does not allow any visitors but is there to help with the sounds and air pollution from the industrial sites. We have around 53 parks and playgrounds in Khushville, for kids to play and people to just relax. Not to forget about the fact that we need these green spaces to have healthy, or in other worlds sustainable city. Of course we have a beaches too! And a beautiful one with the most relaxing and ocean breeze. We have amusement parks, zoos, community centers, stadiums, football fields, soccer fields, baseball fields, indoor courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, camping sites, fishing sites, tourist sites. All these places attract people towards Khushville.


In Khushville, you'll find many food banks, malls, grocery shops, stores, gas stations, dealerships, real - estate companies, banks, super centers, gyms, businesses, garbage removals, cafes, pharmacies, movie theaters, tourist attractions, gyms, museums, dental clinics, doctors offices, eye care offices and daycares.


We try our very best to make getting safely and efficiently around the city by providing you with several methods of transportation. In Khushville, you'll find parking lots, bus stations, airports, subways, train stations, roads, highways, and bike lanes.

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