Mo Willems


Mo Willems

Mo Willems writes... a lot. He`s written for TV and books. He`s also drawn cartoons and picture books and pictures. He`s drawn pigeons and piggies and buses. Oh My!

Mo`s Childhood

Mo Willems started drawing as a child. His inspiration is from his favorite comic Peanuts. Mo Willems was born on February, 11, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois. He started drawing characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy but eventually made up his own characters. Willems was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. He didn’t have many friends as a kid and was practically a social outcast.

Mo`s Major Accomplishments

Mo wrote for Sesame Street for 9 years and wrote three TV shows Sheep in the big city, Codename: Kids Next Door which were on cartoon network and The Off-Beats that aired on Nickelodeon. All three were cartoons. He also wrote Don`t let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Knuffle Bunny , Knuffle Bunny too, and Knuffle Bunny free, all the elephant and piggy books, The Pigeon finds a Hot Dog, The Duckling gets a Cookie! Leonardo the horrible monster, and Edwina, the dinosaur that didn’t know she was extinct.He also made the film The Man Who Yelled He has also won 3 Caldecott awards.

Mo`s Adult Life

He has written over forty books and is still writing since he started in the 80`s. He also used to do stand up comedy, although he admittedly was never good at it. Mo currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.