Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, and Crafts

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Athena is a virgin goddess, but in some stories, she is said to have raised children, but none state that she gave birth to said children (Bell,).

Part-time Inventor

Being Goddess of Crafting among two other professions, Athena invented many things including the trumpet, the flute, the bridle, the chariot, and the numerical system (Bell,).

Helping others

Athena was a great helper for many. From assisting Perseus as he slayed the monster Medusa to helping Hercules (or Heracles, depending on the story) as he went through his twelve trials ("Athena," Britannica/ "Athena," Cengage Learning).

Contribution to the Illiad

Athena partook in the "beauty contest" that started the war. She partially favored the Greeks out of anger over not being selected by Paris ("The Greek Goddess Athena," BM) When the war began, she took the side of the people she favored: hers. She fought alongside the Greeks. However, the Trojans had high respects for her as well. The was a predominant statue of the goddess stating tall and mighty in Troy; it was used as a reminder of safety to the inhabitants. Athena was the one who inspired the idea of the Trojan Horse as well ("Athena," Cengage Learning). Athena physically fought in the Trojan War. "Her aid was synonymous with military prowess." ("Athena," Britannica)
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