Testing The Social Contract

By: Kyle Setzer

The Giver: Purpose & Government Type

The book "The Giver" is based on a dystopia. In the book, there is an oligarchy. The Elders, a group of older men and women, have total control over everyone in the society. Their society is a communism where everything is provided for them equally and share resources. Their government's goal is to make everyone equal and provide them with an easy and healthy life. No one feels pain or emotion which makes it easier to meet those needs of the people.

Foundations Of Government

All 3 branches of government are present in the Giver. However, they are combined and all led by the Elders, the government officials. There is no lone powerful leader in the book. There is a group of people who rule together. They are given all the power and have total control over the community. They decide on laws together, and vote on them to pass them or not. Punishment is decided and sentenced by the Elders.

Will It Last?

There is no freedom in this government. This could effect the sovereignty because people will fight for their freedom. The government failed in the end. There was a rebellion and the government went to pieces. Under stress and retaliation, the government wasn't strong enough to last.