Glacier National Park

By Kassandra Winkowitsch

It belongs to the Columbia Mountains Natural Region where it protects the second national park ever made in Canada

It contains many verioties of animals such as the grizzly bears, black bears, mountain carabou, and wolverines.

It is always snowy at the top of there varioty of many mountains. It is also very rocky all year round. It also has many vallies all around in that area.

It doesn't seem like this is a life zone but there is actually many types of flowers that mainly show up in July and August and there is lots of algea in there woods. There are only a few trees though.

Here you can climb the mountains too if the instructors tell you that is okay. There is also many tours to go to. You can see many beautiful sights at a very nice vew. There is aslo log cabins that you can stay at just to have peace and quite. There is also a verioty of resturants that would be glad to give you delicious food for a reasonable price too.


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