FLUSH (Not Really)

Sameer Khan

Flush Summary

The book revolves around a kid named Noah who's dad gets sent to jail for sinking a boat called the Coral Queen which was polluting the ocean. Noah is trying to get prove to the officials that his dad sunk the boat for a good cause. So Noah ventures out with his sister Abbey to get proof. They fail multiple times but they are destined to help their dad out because they know that their father is actually innocent. Will they get the proof? Will order be restored in their family? Read Flush by Caro Hiaasen to find out!

My Favorite Part!

My favorite part in the book was when Noah and his sister Abbey got stuck in a boat while trying to get evidence. because it shows that you should stay positive and help each other in hard times because at the end of the day their will be a solution. Also it shows that if your positive you can achieve more and find a solution quicker than you would if you just decided to give up.

How Does This Book Relate?

This Book Relates to me because it revolves around a teenage boy who is trying to solve a problem. I'm sure i speak for all of us but I also have problems which need to get solved and with the help of some people it can get accomplished. The exact thing happens in the book. The main character has a problem and he depends on himself and other people to help him solve it.
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Interesting Facts!

Carl Hiaasen (The Author) always writes books relating to his hometown of Florida

Hiaasen wrote more novels like Hoot, Chomp, Scat, etc. which have a similar style to Flush.

Hiaasen worked for the Miami Herald ever since 1976!