BBQ Tomorrow

A Little Reminder

Some things to Remember...

Hey family,

Just a couple of reminders about tomorrow. I'm excited about

1) Let's pray for tomorrow. Whether we have 2 people or 20 show up we want it to be all about Jesus. He is the one in charge and so let's go to Him in prayer asking Him to move in great ways.

2) Don't forget to bring your stuff! In case your forgot what you've signed up to bring, you can go HERE and see. Looking forward to come good food and time together.

3) Try your best to be there at 6. We are expecting our guests to come around 630 and so it would be great for us all to be there early to greet them.

I'm looking forward to getting to spend time together tomorrow. I am praying that God moves in our hearts, brings people to come hear about what He is doing with us and that Jesus is shown to be great in our lives!