GloFIsh OR No Fish

by: shanice brown

How is your organism genetically modified?

GloFish in general are made of zebra danio, they are implemented with a coral gene, jellyfish and anemones genes.

the purpose of this creation?

The purpose of glofish are authentically made to detect pollutants in the water, the way this would go about is that when they would find a certain pollutant they would give off a certain color. but now they are use for fun purposes. and the way they're made by having a fluorescent gene put in them, then raised.

Pros and cons of glofish:


These fish are more costly but are different from other fishes so it is worth it.

GloFish can alert the scientist when water is getting infected/polluted.
GloFish are peaceful, and do not cause any harm to other creatures when in contact.
They reproduce easily so it is less work to make more of them.


people cannot eat glofish, due to it being notified to a certain dangerous extent
GloFish cannot live in cold water, they need to live in warm water only.
Australia, Canada and Europe do not allow the glofish to be imported due to not accepting those GMO'S

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