SDS Project

By Jimmy Holben 2nd Period

Element Name: Holbenium

Atomic Mass: 1

Symbol: Hb

Discoverers: Jimmy Holben

Extremely high deposits in my bed. Extremely low deposits in other people's beds.

Physical Properties

Surface: Blonde hair, blue eyes

Boils when: It don't know instructions

Melts when: People are nice to it

Can cause happiness if: It knows you

Can be found in a state of stress if there's homework

Can be found in a state of happiness if there isn't homework

Can be stubborn and unyielding when someone is rude

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by: Extremely large workloads

Is attracted to: Small workloads

May explode spontaneously if: under stress

Requires copious amounts of: sleep

Is inert if: It hasn't slept in a while

Will repel: Annoying personalities

Is impervious to: Attention seekers