Apollo The Greek God

Honorables: Ethan W, Steve C, Kendall M

My Opinion

In Apollo the Book, Apollo makes fun of Eros and then gets shot by an arrow so that he loves Daphne but Daphne was shot with an arrow that made her hate Apollo, so then she went and asked her father to be turned into tree so she would never be spotted by Apollo. I think the moral is to never make fun of people because you will never get something nice in return.

Comparisons and Questions

Apollo To Derek Rose

In this article I will be comparing and contrasting Apollo the Great to Derek Rose.
Here are the comparisons,
They were both very fast, strong, and athletic.
They were both in sports competitions.
And finally for the comparing, they both are popular.
Here are the contrasts,
Apollo uses a bow and Derek uses a basketball.
Finally Apollo is a god and Derek is a human.

Questions for Apollo

Me: what are you the god of ?
Apollo: I am the god of music, archery, healing,the sun and truth.
Me: Who is in your family?
Apollo: My parents are Letto and Zeus the Thunderer. Artemis is my twin sister.
Me: Where were you born?
Apollo: I was born in Delos. I had some conflicts in the Trojan war. I Healed lots of people and had lots of girls that couldn't resist him.

Me: Did you ever come across problems?

Apollo: As a matter of fact yes, the trojans hate me, and I once fell in love because of my cursed nephew cupid and the girl I loved was hit with a hate spell for me.

Me: What are your son's names?

Apollo: Asclepius, Artistaeus, and Troilius.

Me: Thank you for your time!

Apollo: Any time!

Exit Slip

I think Greeks had gods/goddesses because the Greeks needed someone to look up to or praise to in life to guide them.