Agriculture, Food, & Resources

Waste or Water Engineer

Environmental Service In My Own Words

Maintains environmental and infection control standards.

Education Level

Minimum degree is a Bachelors Degree


Minimum Wage- $15,080

US Mean Annual Wage- $45,230

Water or Wastewater Engineer- $79, 050

Readiness Skills

Communication Skills

Computer Skills

Ability to work in teams

Plant Systems

Aquacultural Managers


Farms and Ranch Managers

Food Products and Processing Systems

Dairy Science

Food Technology

Food Science and Technology

Animal Systems

Agricultural Animal Breeding

Animal Health

Animal Nutrition

Power, Structural, and Technical Systems

Agricultural Mechanics and Equipment/Machine Technology

Agricultural Mechanization

Agricultural Production Operations

Natural Resource Systems

Forest Sciences and Biology

Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism

Natural Resource s Management Policy

Environmental Service System

Environmental Engineering Technology/Environmental Technology

Environmental Science

Environmental Studies

Agribusiness Systems

Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture Business Technology

Agriculture Public Services, Other

New Technology To Remove Mercury From Wastewater

The Nucon Family of Mercury Removal in wastewater has made a pellet that removes most of the mercury in water, gases, and wastewater.

What Will Change

Different ways to filter, like Ultra Filtration, Membrane Filtration, and Cartridge Filtration.