Hofstra Ballroom Dance Newsletter

Week of February 12, 2017

Hello my ballroom lovers!

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for being our dates this week! We love you deeply. We cannot wait to hang out with you this week and get down and sexy ;)

But first, here are the haps:

  1. Comp Practice Monday at 8PM in the Netherlands.
  2. Comp Practice Wednesday in the Netherlands at 8PM with James.
  3. Social Practice Thursday in the Netherlands at 8PM.
  4. Check out the Competitor's Backpack of Goodies: Rutgers Regular Registration is due if you haven't registered yet.. The list of registered peeps is below. Dues info. MIT info.
  6. ALL COMPETITIVE MEMBERS MUST JOIN Slack! More info below.

Did we tell you we loved you?


Lynn Luong

Secretary, Hofstra Ballroom Dance



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  • Where: Netherlands North
  • Time: 8-10PM
  • What: Review of Sergey's lesson, standard, smooth


  • Where: Netherlands North
  • Time: 8-10PM
  • Who: James
  • What: Cha Cha


  • Where: Netherlands North
  • Time: 8PM
  • Who: You, Everyone
  • What: FUN STUFF


Please join Slack as this is where all in-team announcements and conversation will be held. You can download the app or just go to the website as it exists on slack.com!

  1. Go to your favorite browser. Obviously Google Chrome. Don't be stupid.
  2. Type in slack.com.
  3. Click on "Find your team" at the bottom of the dark box.
  4. Type in your email (doesn't have to be pride).
  5. Go to your email (you should get this part because you're a smert cookie!!).
  6. Either click on "Hofstra Ballroom Dance" or click on "Complete Sign Up" and type in "hofstraballroomdance.slack.com."
  7. Make your username your name and last name. (i.e. @lynnluong)
  8. Join the respective team.
  9. Rejoice! Because you've made it to all the important ballroom news!!!!

Your Backpack of Goodies

  • GetInvolvedHU: If you haven’t already done so, please join “Hofstra Ballroom Dance” on GetInvolvedHU to join our organization. Log into your Hofstra Portal, click on GetInvolvedHU under applications, click Organizations in the right hand corner, search “Hofstra Ballroom Dance” and click “Join Organization.”
  • Invite your friends! Being on HBD isn't a cult. All majors welcome!

Competitor Backpack of Goodies

  • If you haven't registered for Rutgers, notify Jeff now via Slack, FB, or email.
  • Dues are due March 1st to Treasurer Allysha. Dues contracts are due immediately. Please give them to Allysha.
  • Join slack, gosh.
  • MIT Registration by March 3rd. Contact President Jeff.
  • Here is a list of everyone who signed up:
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Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 16th, 7:30pm

Netherlands North

As a new initiative of the acting E-Board, we have decided to release our meeting minutes to ensure full transparency with our wonderful organization and establish a new tradition of Town Hall Meetings. These minutes will be released with each weekly newsletter. As a member (social, formation, competitive), it is your right/job to read through our notes. If you have any questions, please bring them to our weekly Thursday Town Hall Meetings that will be taking place at 7:30PM. During this meeting, you'll be able to talk with each of the members of E-Board, ask questions about the minutes, ask general/specific questions, and chat with us. Please express any concerns! Our objective is to create and time and a safe space for our members to come to us with any concerns, suggestions, and fun conversation.

Scroll all the way down to view the minutes. I bolded important points if you would like to skim.


2.5.17 Minutes

February 5th, 2017


In-Attendance: all

    1. Appropriations on Tuesday

      1. Sockhop food

      2. Team items- Heel caps and hairnets, jackets

        1. Lynn make designs for jackets

    2. Rutgers regular registration

      1. Inform jeff to pay regular ($40) reg

      2. Mock comp: April 12th- jeff book space

    3. Bristal’s

      1. Angela will email

    4. Plan for this week’s meeting

      1. Monday

        1. Sergey

          1. 1 hour of waltz and beginner ifox

          2. Informational meeting at 945

            1. Talk about MIT (April 29th and 30th)

      2. Wednesday

        1. Jeff

          1. Cha cha rumba

          2. Bronze syllabus

      3. Thursday

          1. Social but more like competitive practice

          2. Review assuming social doesn’t happen

    5. Formal Updates

      1. Contacted all venues

      2. Too expensive and unavailable

      3. Friday formal?

      4. Fundraising

        1. Pick something people will put their money into

    6. Table

      1. Formal location fees


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