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April 2022

Columbia Elementary School

Developing Confident, Competent and Compassionate People.

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Principal's Message

Dear Columbia Families,

Many of you know I plan to retire in June 2022. My service as Principal of Columbia Elementary School has been an honor full of successes and rich relationships. My next steps are to spend more time with family, friends and service to our community. I will truly miss our work together educating your children.

Over the next few months, I intend to keep carrying the torch for student learning and well-being. We will work to bring back some pre-COVID practices, including partnering with our PTA for community engagement. Many of you have begun the paperwork toward volunteering in the classroom. Our PTA is planning a community gathering at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Park on the evening of June 3rd. My hope is for you to meet Mr. Denton at this event.

Thank you to our principal interview team Laura Yengich, Rebecca Mork, Sunah Lee, Tamiko Janczakowski, and Hazel Beiermann. Before you read his bio, I want to say I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Denton in past years. I know of his expertise in instruction, his heart for children, and his sincere desire to make a positive difference in the lives of students. He is a man of integrity with a strong moral compass. I believe he will provide the excellent leadership for years to come.

Mr. Bruce Denton, Principal of Columbia Elementary School, 2022-2023

Mr. Denton was born in Seattle to a family of educators. Not ready to follow in the footsteps of his dad and grandfather, he attended the University of Washington and studied architecture. He quickly realized his heart was really in education and then attended Seattle University, where he earned his Master’s in Teaching. He began his teaching career in the Edmonds School district, where he taught sixth grade, kindergarten and first grade. Later, Mr. Denton taught first grade at Horizon Elementary in Mukilteo. He moved on to serve as the Dean of Students at Horizon for four years. Mr. Denton left Horizon and continued to serve in Mukilteo as a Title I Coach and then as a K-12 Literacy Specialist. In 2013 Mr. Denton left Mukilteo and served as an assistant principal at Woodmoor Elementary in the Northshore School District. After two years at Woodmoor, Mr. Denton became principal of Canyon Creek Elementary in Northshore, where he has served for seven years. During that time, Mr. Denton led the school through boundary changes, program changes, and a large construction project.

Mr. Denton shared his excitement about returning to Mukilteo School District, “My nieces, who are now in middle and high school, attended Columbia Elementary and had a wonderful experience there. I lived in Harbour Pointe for 13 years and love the neighborhood and community. It is a real privilege to return to Mukilteo and be able to serve in a diverse and vibrant school. I can’t wait to meet students, staff and families.”

Please join me in welcoming Columbia’s new Principal, Mr. Bruce Denton. Welcome home Mr. Denton!


Wendy Eidbo, Principal

Important Dates!

Apr 1 LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Apr 1 Progress Report Card Sent Home

Apr 8 LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Apr 11-15 Spring Break - (NO SCHOOL)

Apr 22 LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Apr 25-29 Book Fair

Apr 29 LIT Dismissal (2:10 PM)

Mukilteo School District Calendar 2021-22 (Click here)

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PTA Zoom General Meeting Tonight

Columbia PTA invites you to join our Virtual Meeting today, March 31st at 7:00 PM.

Let's talk about in-person opportunities!

  • Book Fair! April 25-29
  • Beach Day! June 3
  • Columbia's Night at the Aquasox! June 17th

Meeting ID: 816 0438 5301

Passcode: D24D7w

We encourage and welcome all members to attend.

Please follow our PTA on Facebook!

Student Placement Parent Input 2022-23 School Year

At Columbia Elementary we assign students to classes considering academic, behavior and social needs. This is a collaborative team process working toward balanced classrooms that are best for our students. In addition, each team makes it a priority to place your child with a teacher who best fits your child’s learning style and needs. If you would like to provide input to this process, please complete the following form below and return it to your child’s teacher: due by Friday, May 6 @ 4:00 pm.

The form will be used as additional information in placing your child in a classroom for next year. At this point, we do not have teacher assignments at each grade level solidly planned, therefore, please do not include names of preferred teachers. Keep in mind, your child’s teacher will receive this input and present it to the placement team. We will consider your input that pertains to your child our placement decision. Please click the button below, use this form only. Please avoid letters, calls or emails for placement purposes, unless you need help with the form. (Submit the form to the front office staff.)


Please fill, sign and return to school

Greetings from the Library!

I’d like to congratulate the students who have achieved the following reading achievements during the second trimester. All students are listed for earning the required AR point level for their grade level or for reading the required contest books, regardless of whether or not they met the percentage requirements on the AR quizzes.

Accelerated Readers

Caleb M., Colin H., Elyse L., Steven B., Bemnet S., Hana D., Mia A., Isaac R., Christopher S., Hudson H., Emily M, Evie M., Andrew B., Grant W., Rohan M., Samantha Y.

Outstanding Readers

Colin H., Henry H., Liam B., Mercy K., Jeanne B., Andrew B.

Students Who Read All 6 OTTER Award Nominees

Khadija A., Yumna Y., Grayson B., Emily M., Evie M., Rex G., Vanessa A., Ethan D., Zachariah F., Andrew B., Rohan M. & Samantha Y.

Students Who Read All 12 Sasquatch Award Nominees

Jonathan B., Mercy K. & Hana D.

To participate in the Accelerated Reader program, students read books then take and pass Accelerated Reader quizzes (average 85% or higher for grades 2-5 and 80% or higher for grades K-1). The following table outlines the points required for the Accelerated Reader and Outstanding Reader achievements.

  • K: Accelerated Reader Achievement 25 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 50 Points
  • 1st: Accelerated Reader Achievement 50 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 100 Points
  • 2nd: Accelerated Reader Achievement 62.5 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 125 Points
  • 3rd: Accelerated Reader Achievement 87.5 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 175 Points
  • 4th: Accelerated Reader Achievement 100 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 200 Points
  • 5th: Accelerated Reader Achievement 125 points, Oustanding Reader Achievement 250 Points

To participate in the OTTER and Sasquatch contests, students read the nominated books then take and pass the Accelerated Reader quizzes with an 80% or higher. If you have any questions about Columbia’s reading programs, please contact Mrs. Griffin at or visit the library website at

Cougars C.A.R.E. 2nd Trimester 2021-2022

Cougar C.A.R.E. Awards Rubric

We're so excited to share our Cougar's C.A.R.E. award recipients for this second trimester.

Life Academics:

Mrs. Woodworth: Victoria A., Mohammedalkhair N., Susana M.

Mrs. Joseph: Lawrence R., Diego L., Nobel G., Ariyah O., Ewan E.

Mrs. Peregoy: KalifaC., Devyn F., Aiden L.


Miss Albano: Lucas L., Deelan K., Maggie W., Izak N., Bri T., Jack K., Ginny P., Stella D., Owen F., Olivia B.

Mrs. Mawet: Shepard J., Bodhi G., Ada G., Olivia D., Atticus O., Alex G., Ella G., Ariel A, Briana A., Jackson T., Aria D., Liliana L.

Mrs. Noh/Kwon: Reese I., Tanner M., Luke K., Soliana S., Mila F., Sebastian G., Isabella R., Ian Y., Kirana J., Holden S., Allyson B.

First Grade:

Miss Bosa: Tiffany R., Penelope S., Kristine N. Brayden B., Zaylen H., Audrey N.

Ms. Halvorson: Silas S., Camden H., Mark Z., Christopher H. Brennan G.

Mrs. Pietzsch: Svea A., Summer I., Rohan M., Mason C., Scarlette S., Luz G.B.

Ms. Steffins: Renwick C., Gemma A., Aayesha S., Chancey G., Roslyn D.

Second Grade:

Ms. Minaker: Ellie K., Amelia R., Aidan K., Alexa A., Layla B., Kaylie K., Benjamin S., Laila A.

Mrs. Craggs: Sadie J., Logan E., Ethan D., Madison M., Olivia C., Austin W., Remy I., Xander O.

Ms. Boyd: Abigail O., Maya B., Shayan Z., Mason S., Chris B., Max W., Addison P., Michael S.

Third Grade:

Ms. Fetherston: Grayson B., Azzy N., Meilyr A., Audrey C., Tyla O., Mace H., Maddex M., Aaliyah J.

Mrs. Rhoades: Eli H., Hudson H., Kahlan H., Owen L., Jesslyn N., Jayden K., Parker N.

Ms. Roberts: Lama M., Jason A., Evie M., Emily M., Ary A., Lucas W., Stas S., Lisa N.

Mrs. You: Kimberly S., Tucker S., Aryan T., Vanessa A., Kitty O., Roba I., Hunter B., Isabella M.

Fourth Grade:

Ms. Parise: Jakob S., Jacob A., Toby G., Muhilan S., Liam R., Andrew V., Koko A., Yocelyn V.-B.

Mr. Seal: Kara Y., Cameron W., Tova Y., Isaac R., Layla J. Lam N., Brea H., Carlos V.

Mr. Melby: Karlie C., Emma B., Jackson R., Kate H., Jordan M., Harper B., Jack G., Bemnet S.

Fifth Grade:

Mrs. Clark: Steven B., Delila C., Rico V., Yumna Y.

Mrs. Somers: Colin H., Reena D., Rocco A., Emily H.

Mrs. Harmon: James B., Leo G., Elyse L.

PE and Health News

April is the month to get outside and get moving. It is the perfect time to ride your bike, walk the dog, work in the yard, or simply go for a walk. Whatever you choose to do, please get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Remember, the Vitamin D from the sunshine is good for your health.

Thank you very much to our students, parents, and community for their support of our annual Kid Heart Challenge fundraiser. We had 101 students participate in our community service project. Your donations help to fund vital research and educate the public about cardiovascular disease and stroke. Our top collectors were Henry R. (3rd) Cameron W. (4th) and Kai H. (5th).

I’m so proud of you ALL!!!

Mrs. Beiermann

Mrs. Mawet Receives Surprise Award!

Melissa Mawet, one of our kindergarten teachers, received a surprise award in her classroom! Mukilteo Magazine owner Lindsay Rucker Robinson and Mike Dixon of Dixon Insurance presented her with a trophy and $1,000 for being an awesome teacher and positive and caring person.

Mrs. Mawet was definitely surprised when representatives of the magazine showed up in her classroom. "I am beyond grateful and appreciative to all of my families (current and former) for this nomination," Mawet said. "The most rewarding part was being with my kindergarteners when I received it. Their reactions were priceless!" Mrs. Mawet thanks everyone who made this possible, especially her daughter who is her biggest supporter.

(Pictured from the left are Lindsay Rucker Robinson, Columbia Principal Wendy Eidbo, Melissa Mawet, Superintendent Alison Brynelson, and Mike Dixon.)

Spring Scholastic Book Fair

The time has finally come: we can volunteer onsite at Columbia again! Our first opportunity as PTA will be the spring Scholastic Book Fair. We will need a team to help us set up the sale on Friday afternoon 4/22 and tear down on Friday 4/29. During the school days, there are morning and afternoon shifts available most days to run the store. We will also be offering two afternoons for after-school hours shopping, on Tuesday and Thursday. Please click on the book fair link to sign up for one shift or many. You will need to register an account on Scholastic's website. If you want to take part, but are unable to do that, please let me know.

IMPORTANT: There is a process to be an approved onsite volunteer. It takes time, so if you are planning to help with the book fair, please start this process this week.

Please, also click here to see Dr. Eidbo's Book Fair invitation.

From the Nurse's Office

Sick Kids:

Keep your student home if they are sick. Even if you think it's allergies or "just the sniffles," staying home prevents others from catching any germs or viruses. Refer to Snohomish Health Department for specific COVID protocols.

  • Remember it is your responsibility to contact the school 24 Hours attendance line at (425) 366-2605 to report absence.


Please remember to dress your child appropriately for outdoor play. Also, please send a set of extra clothes (regardless of grade) in a plastic bag labeled with your child's name, to be kept in their backpack.

Daily Screening Form:

Please use this Daily Screen Form (translations coming soon) with your child and keep wearing masks, washing your hands and limiting social gatherings to help students stay healthy and in school.

Student and Staff health and safety is our priority.

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Mukilteo Beach CleanUp Event

Mukilteo's Youth Advisory Committee is hosting a Mukilteo Beach CleanUp event which is targeted to help our clean environment and bring initiative to protect it. We encourage all students at Columbia Elementary to attend this fun event which teaches more about our environment, play games, clean-up activities, and booths hosted by local companies like Waste Management. For younger children, we have a Kamiak High School teacher who has volunteered to teach kids about crabs, sea-life, etc.

Join us on April 23rd from 2:00 - 5:00 PM at the Mukilteo Beach.

Come learn about the environment and help save it!

Free Meals for all Students!

Free Meals for all Students!

  • Meals for all students are free of charge regardless of Free/Reduced Status for the 21-22 school year.
    • We encourage you to complete free/reduced applications, as you do need that completed to receive other benefits that are available (P-EBT Cards).
  • Hot food will be served.

Elementary April Menu

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Columbia Elementary School

Developing Confident, Competent and Compassionate People.

Principal: Wendy Eidbo, Ed.D.


Mukilteo School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Civil Rights Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator Dan Dizon (425-356-1319),, Section 504 Coordinator Lisa Pitsch (425-356-1277),, and the ADA/Access Coordinator Karen Mooseker (425-356-1330), Address: 9401 Sharon Drive in Everett, WA. Inquiries regarding ADA/Access issues at Sno-Isle TECH Skills Center should be directed to Wes Allen, Director (425-348-2220) Address: 9001 Airport Road in Everett, WA 98204.